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Wolford Wayne LLP is a dedicated tenant’s rights law firm located in San Francisco’s Financial District. The firm prides itself on providing practical, affordable and aggressive representation to residential and commercial tenants.

The team at Wolford Wayne have over thirty-five years of experience combined representing tenants. Our attorneys have successfully resolved hundreds of disputes on behalf of our clients and recovered millions of dollars along the way. ​

Unlike many landlord-tenant law firms, we only represent tenants, never landlords. Therefore, you never have to wonder whose side we are on or what we stand for. We are dedicated to providing tenant clients with exceptional representation and outstanding hands-on service.

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Don’t Just Settle for It, Let Our Dedicated and Professional Team of Tenant Lawyers Help You Win Your Case


Recovered for a single long-term tenant in San Francisco. Our client was forced to move out of his apartment as a result of extreme landlord harassment.


Recovered on behalf of a couple living in a rent-controlled home in the outer Sunset neighborhood. Our clients were forced to vacate after the landlord served them with an Owner Move-In Eviction Notice. After the landlords failed to move into the property, our clients filed suit for wrongful eviction.


Recovered on behalf of elderly, disabled tenant who was forced to move out of her rent controlled San Francisco apartment of 50 years after landlord/owner failed to resolve numerous building code violations that remained outstanding for over a decade.


Recovered on behalf of a tenant living in an illegal “in-law” unit. In this case a new owner purchased the building and then demolished our client’s unit without permits while she was displaced for seismic retrofitting.


Recovered for tenant who was injured when their stairway railing collapsed at the tenant’s Mission District apartment building.


Recovered on behalf of three long-term San Francisco tenants who were constructively evicted due to nuisance conditions created by downstairs commercial tenant which the landlord failed to address.

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