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Constructive Eviction

When a tenant is forced to move out of their home due to poor living conditions, mold/mildew, pest infestations …


Failure to Repair or Maintain

Our office represents San Francisco tenants in disputes that arise out of a landlord’s failure to repair and maintain …


Rent Board Hearings

Wolford Wayne represents tenants in disputes at the San Francisco and Oakland Rent Board, including disputes …


Tenant Harassment

Tenants who have been subjected to harassment may have grounds to sue their landlord for damages …


Wrongful Eviction

A wrongful eviction occurs when a landlord evicts a tenant in violation of a local rent ordinance or California State Law …


Tenant Buyouts

Wolford Wayne helps tenants in San Francisco to negotiate tenant buyout agreements with landlords …



over 35 years of experience in representing tenants.

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Wolford Wayne LLP is a dedicated tenants’ rights law firm located in San Francisco’s Financial District with another office in Oakland. The firm prides itself on providing practical, affordable, and aggressive representation to residential tenants.

The team at Wolford Wayne have over thirty-five years of experience combined representing tenants. Our attorneys have successfully resolved hundreds of disputes on behalf of our clients and recovered millions of dollars along the way.

Unlike many landlord-tenant law firms, we only represent tenants, never landlords. Therefore, you never have to wonder whose side we are on or what we stand for. We are dedicated to providing tenant clients with exceptional representation and outstanding hands-on service.

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We have assisted hundreds of tenants throughout the Bay Area in a wide range of situations, including eviction lawsuits, buyout negotiations, rent board hearings, and affirmative lawsuits against landlords.

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