Representative Case Results

We have assisted hundreds of tenants throughout the Bay Area in a wide range of situations, including eviction lawsuits, buyout negotiations, rent board hearings, and affirmative lawsuits against landlords. Below are some recent case results we have obtained for clients. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars. Past results do not guarantee an outcome as each and every case is different.


Recovered on behalf of elderly, disabled tenant who was forced to move out of her rent controlled San Francisco apartment of 50 years after landlord/owner failed to resolve numerous building code violations that remained outstanding for over a decade.


Recovered in action for group of tenants forced to vacate their San Francisco apartment house due to severe habitability defects including mold and water leaks.


Recovered for long-term rent-controlled tenant in San Francisco forced to move out of his apartment as a result extreme landlord harassment.


Recovered for tenant who was injured when their stairway railing collapsed at the tenant's Mission District apartment building.


Recovered on behalf of three long-term San Francisco tenants who were constructively evicted due to nuisance conditions created by downstairs commercial tenant which the landlord failed to address.


Confidential settlement on behalf of seven tenants in East Palo Alto who were forced to move out of their homes due to the landlord's failure to maintain a safe living environment, leaving several of them homeless.


Recovered in constructive eviction action on behalf of two 14 year tenants in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood. Tenants were living in what they later learned was an illegal in-law unit and were forced to move after years of harassment from their landlord and substandard living conditions.


Recovered in action on behalf of eight tenants in Hayward SRO involving egregious substandard living conditions - bedbugs, roaches, mice, faulty electricity, harassment, and numerous building violations.


Recovered on behalf of a San Francisco tenant who was forced to vacate her illegal apartment. After our client complained about unlawful rent increases and filed a petition with the San Francisco Rent Board she received a series of eviction notices from her landlord. After being told the unit was unsafe to live in and months of harassment our client was forced to vacate.

Summary Judgment

Victory on behalf of a residential tenant in Oakland who was facing an eviction lawsuit. Our office filed a motion for summary judgment which was granted by the Court, and recovered all fees and costs for our client.

Summary Judgment

Tenant granted summary judgment in their favor in an eviction lawsuit filed by landlord on claim that use of illegal unit constituted a nuisance in violation of San Francisco Rent Ordinance.


Recovered in action on behalf of a mother and son who were forced out of their apartment in the Sunset neighborhood after enduring years of harassment, and a rodent infestation.


Recovered in action on behalf of two San Francisco tenants who were wrongfully evicted from their rent controlled marina flat after complaining about habitability defects and illegal rent increases.


Recovered on behalf of two short term San Francisco tenants who were forced to permanently vacate their rent controlled in-law apartment when landlord convinced them they had to move out for five days while repairs were made, and thereafter never restored possession.


Recovered in a constructive eviction lawsuit on behalf of a San Francisco family that was constructively evicted from their Russian Hill Apartment. This case involved a short tenancy and ongoing harassment and habitability defects that forced the tenants to move.

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