Tenant Harassment

It is unlawful for a landlord to harass a tenant. Illegal Harassment can take many forms. Tenant harassment includes: removing /taking away services (such as cutting off heat or hot water), refusing to make necessary repairs, threatening tenants with eviction or harm, or attempting to force a tenant to vacate their apartment.

San Francisco Rent Ordinance Section 37.10B prohibits landlords from taking away or failing to provide certain basic services from tenants. This includes  interrupting, terminating or failing to provide housing services required by contract or by State, County or local housing, health or safety laws, among others.

Tenants who have been subjected to harassment may have a basis to sue their landlord for damages.

Rent Ordinance Section 37.10B specifies that:

Case Studies

These are some of our results and not a guarantee of an outcome.


Recovered for a single long-term tenant in San Francisco. Our client was forced to move out of his apartment as a result of extreme landlord harassment.


Recovered in constructive eviction action on behalf of two 14 year tenants in San Francisco's Castro neighborhood. Tenants were living in what they later learned was an illegal in-law unit and were forced to move after years of harassment from their landlord and substandard living conditions.


Recovered on behalf of a San Francisco tenant in Russian Hill. Tenant was forced to vacate her illegal apartment in retaliation for reporting an unlawful rent increases to the San Francisco Rent Board. Our client was forced to vacate after her landlord served our client with a series of eviction notices and told her the apartment was unsafe to live in.


Recovered in action on behalf of a mother and son who were forced out of their apartment in the Sunset neighborhood after enduring years of harassment, and a rodent infestation.


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