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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Daniel P.


I’m proud to write a recommendation for Jason Wolford. During the peak of the pandemic, I was constructively evicted by my landlord. I met with the top tenant law firms in the San Francisco Bay Area and selected Jason because he is a strategic attorney who is passionate about tenant rights and treats clients like family. My case was complex and I was devastated that I lost my home in San Francisco. With his knowledge of the law Jason quarterbacked each step of the process seamlessly. Also, the Wolford & Wayne team was an extension of Jason and were wonderful to work with. This resulted in Jason winning our case by a landslide. In summary, if you are looking for a lawyer who is a strategic thinker, is passionate about tenant rights, is empathetic, and is results-driven, I highly recommend you sign up with Jason.

Teresa R.


Jason, Melinda, Martha and everyone else on the team were exceptional. I feel so lucky to have been referred to Jason because he really went above and beyond for my case. If you are looking for a team of hard working individuals with your best interests in mind and who will fight tooth and nail for you, seriously look no further. Thank you to everyone who assisted me and a special thank you to Jason.

Amy V.


I can’t say enough good things about the entire staff at Wolford & Wayne.

Jason is a very experienced, top of the line, lawyer. He has a truly welcoming demeanor & confidence that you can trust.

The law firm recommendation came through a friend that grew up in San Francisco’s Bay Area. So it was comforting to know that Jason has a positive history and reputation. When we met with Jason, he clearly identified that we had a case and was upfront about the chances of winning.

After dealing with such uncertainties leading up to hiring Jason he made sure that we felt comfort in the fact that justice would be served and was swift with giving us clear direction on how to move forwards with our living situation. Cannot put a price tag on how that made us feel having a new born and dealing with an unexpected legal issue.

Megan, an associate of Jason’s firm, was dedicated from the beginning. Her thoroughness was impressive and I must say, “she’s all business” in the best way. We appreciated that Megan was transparent on our expected outcome. In the end, her determination helped us come to a settlement that we felt good about. She really bridged the gap between lawyer and person & we never felt out of the loop.

Melinda, the office manager, who supported all of our paperwork interactions, was always very friendly, professional and very responsive as well.

If you have an issue with your current living situation, whatever it may be, do your homework, and if you feel you need a lawyer to protect the large investment you have made to live in San Francisco, we highly recommend to hire the the firm, Wolford & Wayne. You will get everything possible out of the case you have.

Heddi C.


On two occasions, since 2012, I’ve been a client of Jason Wolford and I can’t express how amazing he (and his law firm) is. He’s incredibly honest, decent, explains every step of the process – so there are no hidden surprises – and is absolutely dedicated to helping tenants facing legal hurdles. Jason is one of those rare gems that truly cares about his clients and is relentless in pursuing justice.

Blake R.


It’s hard to express enough gratitude for Jason, Martha, and the entire team at Wolford and Wayne. Jason thoughtfully and tactfully helped me through an extremely unpleasant situation with my landlord at the time. He truly made me feel heard and supported throughout my entire time working with him. Martha was also extremely helpful in answering questions, keeping me updated, and was always super pleasant to speak to and work with. With their help I feel I can finally put that chapter behind me. I can’t recommend Jason, and Wolford and Wayne enough. Thank you all SO much.



My landlord contacted me to negotiate a buyout of my tenancy last year, and because of previous great experiences working with Daniel, I hired him to represent me. He was a real pro every step through the process, talking me through my options and helping me figure out exactly what I wanted. I was able to make decisions with confidence from the information he provided, and I was very happy with the end result. 10/10 would get bought out again.

Griselda M.


I am very satisfied with your work. Thank you Megan and thank you Daniel and thank you to everyone with whom I spoke. I will highly recommend you and it was a pleasure meeting you. God bless you.

David F.


Great Group!!! They were very effective, with an excellent result. Highly recommend them. I would retain them again in a heartbeat, if the need arose.

Carlie M.


Daniel Wayne and Megan Johnson really helped me and my fiancé who were displaced out of our apartment in sf. They worked with us to help us understand our legal rights as tenants. After moving out of the Bay Area and moving across the country they were extremely commutative and kept us updated with our case. Daniel fought for our goal and got us more than just our goal! Daniel helped us get out of an horrible and unsafe living situation and made things right for us. I am forever grateful to Daniel and Megan as well the rest of the team and Wolford and Wayne!

Matthew M.


I would highly recommend Wolford Wayne, from the moment my fiance and I were in contact with Daniel Wayne and his staff, they helped us through one of the hardest times of our lives. They did an excellent job at communicating and guiding us throughout the whole process, and went above and beyond to get us the compensation we deserved. They are very professional and caring, and for someone like me, who had no idea what to expect, they were very reassuring and clear about what to expect. They worked hard and we had amazing result’s, so please contact these guys, they are definitely the best!

Andrea S.


I had a wonderful experience working with Megan Johnson. She was extremely helpful and clear and immediately understood what was needed. She was so helpful and took her time answering all of my questions no matter what they were. She gave me very clear instructions and thought about it from all sides which I greatly appreciated. I felt so much better after our conversation that I had what I needed to respond and protect my rights. I felt very well taken care of. I would highly recommend Megan if you have need for an Attorney in this area of practice.

Jef L.


Jason and the team and WW combine strategic excellence, tactical brilliance, and excellent client service. Highest recommendation.

Benjamin T.


I contacted Daniel around a delicate situation regarding a dispute on a lease. He was extremely helpful in answering questions and giving us all the information we needed to come to a suitable resolution. Highly recommend the team at Wolford.

Steve M.


We found Wolford Wayne on the list of tenant-focused firms provided by the SF Tenant’s Union. We were in a situation where we were under threat of an Ellis eviction (the nice family who owned and lived in 3 of the six apartment units sold to a newly-minted investment company) and we did not believe the new owner was bluffing. Daniel Wayne walked us through the range of options and outcomes and made sure we weighed all of them. We decided that what was best for our circumstance was to negotiate a buyout. Daniel handled all negotiations and we were very grateful for the help, the advice, and outcome. Highly recommended!

Chelsea D.


Jason Wolford was a beacon of hope for me at a time when my options appeared limited, and the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed nigh on impossible. What I thought was going to be a nightmare of a situation in the midst of a pandemic, turned into an act of providence and karmic grace. I am eternally grateful for Jason’s service and integrity, and I hereby recommend Wolford Wayne LLP without reservation. Thank you for all of your hard work & perseverance!

Elisa G.


They represent tenants only and not landlords so you get Fair representation as a tenant, which is really important in San Francisco. I had a great experience and they helped me resolve a very complicated issue.

Oyunsanaa B.


I decided to reach out to Wolford Wayne LLP after hearing great reviews about them. I felt helpless and defeated for years against my landlord who owns multiple buildings and have a team of lawyers. Megan Johnson worked on my case and she was absolutely amazing during the almost 8 anxious months that my case took. My anxiety was over the roof, I was crazy paranoid but any questions that I had Megan was there to answer. We kept in touch through many e-mails and she was always there when I needed to talk to her over the phone. All my questions were answered which always helped with my anxiety. And the big relief was knowing that Megan was there filling out everything correctly and sending the correct documents and guiding me with what I needed. I am so thankful to Wolford Wayne LLP for taking my case and for Megan for being there through everything! And I won the case!

Jessica F.

In a difficult and uniquely San Francisco housing situation, Daniel and his team worked to understand our goals and intentions and ensure that we got the best possible outcome. We never expected to need a lawyer, but the team’s professionalism, patience, and responsiveness made us feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. We even made some money out of the deal! Highly recommend.

Charlie A.


I hired Wolford Wayne to represent me in connection with a dispute I was having with my landlord. I could not have been more pleased with the service that I received. Daniel Wayne is extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also understands his client’s goals and how to position himself to best achieve them. I set a goal in my mind of what I personally thought would be a good outcome, and Daniel nearly doubled my “internal goal!” In addition, Daniel was extremely responsive to any calls, e-mails, questions, etc. that I had. He always kept me updated on where things stood in the case, so I never had to worry at all, as I knew Daniel had everything under control. I would definitely hire him again! (But, hopefully I won’t need to…)

Sarah M.


Daniel reached out to us after we had contacted the San Francisco Tenants Union. As a volunteer with the SFTU, Daniel was very generous with his time and answered a number of questions we had about our housing situation. We feel a sense of relief that if needed, we can hire a knowledgeable and experienced tenant rights attorney.

Aida K.

The position I was put in, having to find a tenant lawyer after the loss of my husband, was something in the likes of a nightmare. From the beginning to end, Megan was an incredible help, such a trustworthy and intelligible woman. Megan promised and executed, and I would recommend her and the entire firm to anyone needing assistance in the future!



The living circumstances leading to our case were horrible. Jason’s guidance and his team’s work on our case transformed our lives. Words that come to mind are compassionate, transparent, responsive, professional and highly knowledgeable. Jason was particularly attuned to our needs and concerns as a family with a young child. I hope I never end up in a bad rental again. But if I do, I would be more than happy to work with Jason and his team again. Ten stars.

Katia S.


Simply amazing! From the initial consultation throughout the whole process, I felt supported and listened to. My family and I were so scared when we first got into our legal situation. Anything involving housing is terrifying but Jason kept us calm and assured throughout navigating the situation. It is clear that this firm is people first, and you can see their human-first approach in everything they do. Melinda is a true angel, so sweet, so organized and so efficient! Our situation was resolved efficiently and with an even better than we imagined! Grateful can’t even describe what me and my family feel.



More than a decade of living in San Francisco on a teacher’s salary had me feeling like I was lucky if I could find housing within my price range. So for years, I tolerated harassment, unsafe living conditions, and mediocre maintenance. When my health began to suffer at the beginning of shelter in place, I had no choice but to make some changes, but it felt emotionally, financially, and logistically overwhelming.

I met Daniel through the tenants union, and he gave me matter of fact, straightforward advice. Everything made sense, but it was out of my comfort zone and my landlord was not used to me standing up for my rights as a renter. Daniel walked me through step by step how to understand my lease, communicate clearly and effectively with my landlord, and only when necessary, helped me understand when it was the right choice to move.

In the middle of a pandemic, the last thing I wanted to do was move and file a lawsuit. They were hard but necessary choices for me on multiple levels. Daniel and Megan managed the situation and consulted with me expertly, precisely, and responsively. They answered my questions and addressed my concerns. Amidst the unusual circumstances of 2020, it was one part of my life that I felt sure about. Once we reached a settlement, I felt like the whole experience working together was not only a legal but also a therapeutic process. Thanks to Daniel and Megan, I do a much better job reading, interpreting, and communicating within the terms of my lease. Perhaps more importantly, I stand a little taller knowing that safe and habitable housing is my right as a renter.

Will P.


Simply the best! The entire Wolford Wayne team has fantastic bedside manner: they make the unimaginable navigable. Daniel listens to his clients and has a genuine ability to put their desires first, Megan’s clarity and intelligence is most likely superhuman, and Melinda knocks it out of the park with her organizational prowess. If you need help navigating the murky world of human conflict, stop reading reviews and call Wolford Wayne now!

Vernisha F


Of course nobody wants to be deal with a lawsuit and for my first time I can honestly say Jason made it very easy and took so much stress off my shoulder!! I had a horrible landlord and I knew nothing about lawsuits at all! Jason was very patient and informative throughout the entire process. In the beginning, I gave him all the information and evidence I had. After that, I never really had to do anything else but answer a few quick questions over the phone! I always pictured a lawsuit to be very overwhelming and stressful but Jason showed me the complete opposite. I would highly recommend him for anyone that’s having housing issues in any aspect. There were challenges in my case that Jason was able to overlook and help me get an amazing settlement! Plus the staff is very helpful and nice as well!

Olivia H.


Jason Wolford and his team were extremely helpful when I had questions about my lease in a pinch. He was thoughtful, understanding and provided personalized and insightful advice. I feel confident Jason cares and knows his way around leases/tenant questions in San Francisco! Would highly recommend to almost anyone in the Bay Area.

Aida K.


The position I was put in, having to find a tenant lawyer after the loss of my husband, was something in the likes of a nightmare. From beginning to end, Megan was an incredible help, such a trustworthy and intelligible woman. Megan promised and executed, and I would recommend her and the entire firm to anyone needing assistance in the future!

Maureen M.


Jason gave me great advice. He guided me through a difficult move-out situation and saved me tons of money and time. I am so grateful I followed his advice and got everything in writing and settled amicably.



We were grateful to find Jason and his law firm. He took great care of my mom during a trying time and resolved her case better than expected. We couldn’t be happier. Thanks Jason!

Brian Y.


I am so thankful I found Wolford Wayne in resolving my problems with my landlord. From my initial consultation through the whole process. I found Jason Wolford and Daniel Wayne very easy to work with. They truly exceeded my expectations. The staff there I found very helpful one person in particular her name is Melinda Scott always helped me through the whole process. I found this very rare for an employee to show such consideration and care in explaining everything very thoroughly. I would definitely without a doubt recommend Wolford Wayne to anyone having issues with tenant-landlord issues. I  am truly grateful they are on my side.

Ashley M.


I have known Daniel as a friend and colleague for years, and have referred many friends to him, but only recently did I have the need to consult with him personally on a landlord-tenant issue. Daniel was extremely helpful in guiding my family and another family through our buy-out negotiations from a rent-controlled apartment lease in Berkeley. Daniel knows the Bay Area market well, as well as all the tricks of the trade – on both sides. He gave us clear and specific advice that allowed us to achieve an outcome we were very happy with. Working under a very tight deadline, Daniel drafted an agreement that protected our rights and allowed us to resolve the situation in a way that served us best. It can be very unnerving to be a tenant in the Bay Area right now, and Daniel is definitely the one you want by your side. Thank you Daniel for all you did for us!

C S.


I have known Daniel for years and he has proven himself to be a reliable, competent, and highly knowledgeable attorney. He was incredibly helpful in addressing questions I had regarding my situation of me needing to leave a lease with my roommate before the lease term was up. He clearly laid out an effective approach that gave me confidence and calm in better understanding how to navigate a difficult situation and how to approach the landlords in an effective way. He genuinely cares about his clients and is incredibly knowledgeable amount tenant rights, and he worked with me in a way where I understood my rights and potential outcomes of my situation very clearly – simply put, he helped me feel empowered. He will fight for you and is deeply committed to helping tenants. I could not recommend him more highly and I will definitely be recommending him to any and all of my friends who need the best of the best to support their rights as tenants. Thank you so much, Daniel!

Sun M.


Highly recommend Daniel Wayne. He’s professional, knows his stuff and really cares about his clients. If you are looking for a tenant attorney who will fight for you, then you have found him. He uncovers all stones and educates you on the process every step of the way. Call him today. You will be glad you did.

Andrew P.


I recently had new owners take over my building and ended up in a hostile landlord situation where they were pushing my rights up to and over the line. A lot of grey areas, some without obvious answers. I talked to two different lawyers before Daniel and left about as confused as when I started. Daniel however took the time to go through my variety of issues and gave me great advice. Even on issues where there was no definitive legal answer, I came out of our meetings knowing exactly where I stood and how to respond to my landlord properly and effectively. Daniel did a great job of understanding my concerns, quickly getting to the core of the issue, and explaining things to me in a simple way that allowed me to take action with confidence. I would highly recommend him for any tenant that’s in need of help.

Daniel M.


I have known Daniel for a number of years and he has been my go to tenants attorney. All of my friends who are renters have contacted Daniel and they have all had positive results – regardless of an issue is settled before court or in court. He is a great resource and he will fight for you while letting you know the full extent of your rights. A++++++++

Dan C.


I cannot recommend Daniel Wayne enough. My roommates and I just finished a buyout negotiation with our landlord, and Daniel was instrumental in getting the outcome that we did. We couldn’t have been as successful without him.

Daniel is intelligent, professional, and is also really down to earth. He makes a stressful situation easier to manage, is personable, and very easy to work with. Daniel is super knowledgeable about landlord/tenant law and explained it to us in an easy to understand way as it pertained to our situation. Throughout the process he did a great job of explaining our options and described the benefits and risks about each one. We had a lot of questions along the way and Daniel was always quick to respond and answered them fully. Piper, Daniel’s Office Manager, was very helpful as well. Each time my roommates and I had to make a decision in the process, we were informed and educated, which was awesome.

Daniel is a master negotiator and has great recommendations on when to push and when to ease off. He really cares about tenants and that is totally apparent when working with him, I could tell that he was fighting for our best interest the entire time.

My roommates and I were considering doing the negotiation on our own. That would have been a big mistake. Daniel knows nuances that really benefit you, things that you and I don’t know about because we’re not tenant lawyers and he is, and he is a good one. If you’re considering doing any kind of negotiation with your landlord on your own, seriously don’t do it and go with Daniel.

100/10 would go with Daniel if I had landlord issues in the future.

Charlie E.


Daniel Wayne helped myself and other tenants deal with an illegal eviction from our apartment in San Francisco. He walked us through the process and made it very clear as to what the different outcomes could potentially be — we were more than prepared. Throughout most of the time working with Daniel I had since moved overseas, it was not an issue. He was more than accomodating and was hands on throughout the process, answering any questions I had.

Jeffrey P.


Daniel Wayne is aggressive but fair. He pursues his defendants until they are found, served and makes sure they are brought to appropriate justice. Daniel works hard for his clients as they are the people that need representation the most. If I was ever asked for a referral to a tenant’s rights attorney Daniel’s office would be at the top of my list.

Vanessa D.


I can’t say enough great things about Daniel. I’m currently going through a really difficult situation with my landlord with trying to have my boyfriend and his dog move into my apartment. Daniel was able to provide me with some sound advice on the matter and helped me to weigh my options and the possible outcomes. It’s been a super stressful time for me, but Daniel was professional and sensitive to my situation. He is very knowledgeable about landlord-tenant law in San Francisco, in particular, the legal implications of pets and emotional support animals. I highly recommend Daniel’s services.

David K.


I recently received an Estoppel agreement and Daniel was kind enough to walk me through the process of responding to it, and helped me understand what my responses meant in the eyes of a landlord. I’m definitely a “why” person and he was patient enough to not only explain to me what to do, but why I should do it that way and how it would help my situation. I feel a lot more in control of my situation, which is pretty incredible given the circumstances.

Thanks Daniel!

Hussain K.


Just pick up the phone and call him! Daniel is the most approachable person I have met so far. The office manager, Piper, is equally approachable and both of them will take care of you.

I found myself in a sticky issue and was unsure of my rights. Daniel not only explained the scenario and the possible outcomes with sincere honesty, he gave me the confidence to stand up for my rights. He certainly goes above and beyond.

Rest assured, you are in good hands.

Teshika H.


Daniel should be everyone’s go-to guy for legal counsel! It is clear how much he cares about the people he works with and he ensures your needs are met all the way. When we had landlord issues, Daniel was quick to seek out the correct information and give us much-needed advice that helped to calm our nerves and make us feel confident in what we were doing. He is not only incredibly helpful, but very knowledgeable and keeps things relevant and relatable. He is 100% there for tenants’ rights and you can be confident that he will be on your side every step of the way.

Jupiter H.


Daniel Wayne was absolutely instrumental in dealing with our landlord situation. He was full of useful information and advice, and with his guidance, we are in an immeasurably better position. I can confidently recommend his practice to anyone seeking real estate counsel.

Ian R.


I recently had a difficult situation with my landlord where I had to renegotiate my lease. Given San Francisco’s current housing bubble I was quite worried about this discussion. I reached out to Daniel and he had some excellent advice and guidance how the best way to assert my rights as a tenant in a very calm and sensible manner. Excellent negotiator. Would be delighted to work with him again (but hopefully won’t have to).

Spencer E.

Daniel was instrumental in guiding me through the murky waters of tenant-landlord disputes. My roommates and I had been defending ourselves while being harassed by our landlord for years before we decided to seek professional help. We hired Daniel to represent us in front of the SF Rent Board. It was a great decision! His expertise got us a favorable decision and a financial settlement that made what could have been a VERY stressful situation a lot easier. He was very clear about explaining our rights as tenants, empowering us to defend ourselves and our place in the city.

Julia H.

Daniel is wonderful! Not only is he an expert on local rental laws and renters’ rights, he’s well versed in the nuances and ruling history of our local rental board – ensuring you focus your efforts where they are most likely to succeed. My master tenant was attempting to evict me, so I was seeking legal advice while also trying to retain a positive relationship with my roommate- not an easy task! Daniel understands that having a happy home is very important. He gave thorough yet measured advice that helped me to maintain a positive roommate dynamic. This is a great skill to have in an attorney who specializes in securing the most critical thing in your life: the roof over your head. Daniel’s prices were more than reasonable and the guidance I received was priceless. He is truly committed to protecting the housing rights of the little guy in SF – the middle and working classes. Thank you, Daniel!

Rebecca P.


Daniel was critical in ending 4 years of harrassment from our landlord and getting us a financial settlement from the rent board. After years of trying to advocate for ourselves, but being lost in confusing information, Daniel was critical in helping us know our rights, navigate the complicated rent board system to actually defend our rights as tenants, and ultimately win a settlement for all the harrassment and reduction of services we’d been living under the previous years. Thanks Daniel!

A C.

Highly recommend Daniel, without reservation. I spoke with him regarding an ongoing issue in my apartment which was ultimately being ignored by the building owner. He gave me great advice, advising me of all of my options and the processes involved. He is an extremely knowledgeable attorney in the practice of tenant rights and furthermore, he is exceptionally passionate about what he does. Look no further if you want an ethical and extremely knowledgeable tenant attorney to fight your corner.

Sterling E.


My fiancée and I recently consulted Daniel after our apartment garage was burglarized, leaving us with thousands of dollars in lost property. Because the thieves gained access through a neighboring garage managed by our landlord we wanted to get a better sense of our tenancy rights and our landlord’s duties. Daniel was incredibly helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. While we were lucky that our landlord took responsibility (and we didn’t have to fight), we were relieved to have had the chance to speak with Daniel. If the issue had escalated, we had someone we could trust to turn to. I would recommend Daniel to anyone facing a problem with their landlord or that wants to know more about their rights. Thanks Daniel!

Aaron J.

Daniel is an amazing attorney! I hired him to advise me on a potential buyout with the landlord and how to deal with my landlord who will not make repairs to my place. The landlord was more focused on evicting the tenants than the rats. I def recommend Daniel if you need a tenant’s rights attorney.

Andrew S

Daniel gave us excellent advice when we were engaging in rent negotiations with our landlord. He was able to clearly explain the law to us and how it applied in our case. More than that, Daniel laid out our options in an honest way to give us a real idea of how we would be fair in court and what the estimated costs would be.

I would recommend Daniel to anyone struggling with rent/housing issues.

Jessica Q.


Daniel’s a great guy and cares deeply about fighting the good fight. After years of harassment from our landlord culminated in one particularly awful dispute, my roommates and I decided to take our landlord to the SF rent board. We hired Daniel to represent us. He was super knowledgeable and explained to us very clearly what our rights were and how they were being infringed upon. He was extremely thorough in preparing for our case, meticulously collecting evidence and statements in our favor and taking the time to comb over years’ worth of correspondence we’d exchanged with our landlord. At the hearings, he kept his cool in the face of repeated angry outbursts from our landlord’s representative, and he always kept my roommates and me calm and on track. We ended with a ruling in our favor: we got a settlement, we got to stay in our home, and the landlord even started leaving us alone after years of harassment. I doubt that last part is a coincidence.

Being in a face-off over your home is scary stuff, especially right now in San Francisco. If you’re in that unenviable position, give yourself the best leg up you can and give Daniel a call.

Miss J.


As soon as we started receiving calls from our landlord that we needed to leave, I knew we were going to need some legal assistance. When I first met Daniel, I knew he was leading us in the right direction. He didn’t make any big promises like other eviction lawyers we had dealt with in the past, but he did get ALL the facts and information and promised to look into every avenue possible to fight for our home. He was honest about the hard stuff and hopeful about the good stuff. Although we are now in a new fight with the new owners, Daniel didn’t let our old landlord bully us out, which was our first victory in the SF eviction crisis we’re facing. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who is lost in the legal jargon or threats of a landlord or a landlord’s attorney. He will help you sort it out and at the very least, give you an honest opinion about where you stand. He’s a good person and has left my household feeling good about seeking legal representation in the future. Thanks Daniel!

Drake T.


Daniel is the most knowledgeable person that I have met with regarding tenant law in San Francisco.

While working with him, he always made time to speak with me and answered my questions thoroughly. We covered a bevy of tenant law topics and he was able to easily navigate through information to keep me informed at a level that I could easily comprehend. I highly recommend his services.

Thank you!

Sarah H.


Daniel has to be one of the most knowledgable and honest tenant lawyers in the City. I had a problem where a landlord pulled a very shady move and ended up renting our apartment on Airbnb instead of renovating. Daniel gave me a great deal of advice and helped me figure out what steps to take. If you’re struggling with a housing issue in this crazy rental market, I highly recommend giving Daniel a call.

Tighe B.


Daniel was extremely helpful in getting us into a new place. The San Francisco housing laws, as anyone looking at this page know, can be very tricky to navigate. Daniel’s knowledge of the city’s zoning rules and what landlords can and cannot do is top notch. The guy knows his stuff, and as other posters have noted he is on the renter’s side! Great guy to have on your team and I’d recommend him to anybody who is being put out by a mean ole landlord.

Sergio B.


I consulted with Mr. Wayne about issues I was having with my San Francisco rent-controlled apartment. Daniel was friendly, attentive, and really knew this complex area very well. He provide really helpful information that made me feel empowered in dealing with the powerful landowner interests here in the City. If you have a problem with quality of life issues in an apartment in San Francisco, get Daniel on the line. He is a true expert.

Alejandro L.

Daniel was key in advising us during a difficult situation with our landlord (construction related). It was a very stressful period for us and his advice was tremendously valuable. With his advice, we got nearly exactly what we asked for.

Natalie H.

I am truly lucky to have found Daniel during an extremely stressful time. When the thought of losing one’s home becomes a real possibility, it can be extremely difficult to assess your options and understand the myriad of confusing laws and technicalities. From the very beginning, Daniel offered a calm and confident presence that I was extremely grateful for. I had done quite a bit of research on tenants’ rights attempting to understand the difference between master tenants, co-tenants, and sub-tenants. I had no way of knowing if what I was reading online were true facts so I decided to set up a consultation session with Daniel. He set up a meeting with me the very next morning which was much appreciated for my anxious nerves. Daniel took his time to review the extensive laws of San Francisco and discussed in depth many of the facts and questions I presented him. He listened attentively to the details of my situation and never made me feel rushed or like he was pressed for time. He offered sound and reasonable advice while clearly explaining the options that I could consider. I was able to then utilize those options to consider what the best path would be for me. Daniel provided me with the education and knowledge to face my situation with confidence. I can not thank him enough and would highly recommend him to anyone going through a difficult time. Thank you Daniel!

Rob R.

I wanted to give Daniel 4 stars before we won.
I wanted more hand holding. And basically spend more of my money.

Despite the complexity of my case, he didn’t need more time with me; he knew exactly what he was doing.

Daniel helped me prepare well. He reached out to find many details pertinent to my case. Things I would not have thought of.

He is competent, knows the law, and knows who you are up against.

During the hearing he just laid out the evidence – he and I meticulously collected. The judge looked at us. Looked at the opposing counsel. The opposing counsel, with their huge stack of papers and a private eye, stepped outside with my landlord. In 30 min they came back in and withdrew their petition.

Note our case was about a major rent increase based on the Costa Hawkings act. Beware of this and find counsel if your landlord decides to apply against you.

Jake F.

So, we had our hearing (Petition against rent increase) today…after Daniel finished his opening statement, our landlord and his counsel talked outside the room for about 45 minutes, came back and decided to drop the rent increase. Needless to say, we WON!

I highly recommend Daniel. He did a tremendous job and is very professional.

Katie L.


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Daniel helped my roommates and I out in a stressful and confusing eviction attempt from our landlord over 6 months. Our landlord wanted to clear our rent control unit to sell the entire building, but wanted us out preferably less than 30 days. After trying to cooperate with petitions submitted to rental board for a rent increase, Daniel was a life saver communicating with the other side & negotiating a buyout for both couples. It’s never easy saying goodbye to fixed rent in the city, but the settlement Daniel won us is good enough to start a new chapter without worries. Regardless of the situation you may find yourself in as a tenant, if your residency is at risk, contact Daniel!!

Lena Y.


When I went to see Daniel, I was in danger of being evicted with 3 days notice and no cash settlement. Long story short, with Daniel’s help, I got almost $60,000 settlement, plus 7 months free rent.

Easy to work with, upbeat, and on the renter’s side. Highly recommended. By the way my English is not great, but we had no trouble communicating.

Good luck to all renters in SF.

如果你被你的房主起诉, Daniel Wayne 是你最好的选择。他帮我打赢了起诉。让我住了六个月没交房租、还赢了三万三。他很耐心,给你耐心解译。我很满意他的服务。

Lena Yao

Rebekah B.

Daniel provided excellent services for a sticky rental situation that involved multiple roommates facing eviction. He handled the complicated nature of multiple interest and gave us all timely and excellent consult. He provided options for us to make an excellent decision. I would recommend him to anyone.

Julia J.

Daniel is not only an intelligent and hard-working lawyer, but he is also extremely passionate about his clients and their rights. He is the type of advocate you want on your side, particularly in a complex legal environment like San Francisco. I highly recommend him for any type of property dispute.

Seagull W.


I was in a touch situation w/ my landlord who was evicting me and my roommates. Daniel synthesized all of our long and complicated correspondence with our landlord and gave us simple actionable advice. We were clearly informed of our rights and what to do next.

Couldn’t have done it without you Daniel!

Danny K.

Daniel went above and beyond in his support of our case. After learning that our landlord was trying to unlawfully evict me and my roommates, we reached out to Daniel for advice. He was extremely responsive in addressing our questions/concerns and clearly laid out our various rights and legal options. As a result of his advice, we were able to reach a settlement with our landlord that met our needs and fairly compensated us for the difficulty and trauma that come along with having to find a new home in San Francisco.

Can’t thank Daniel enough for all of his hard work on our case! Would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for legal advice with housing issues in San Francisco.

Daniel K.

I retained Daniel’s services for some questions about a situation arising from my lease. He was extremely thorough and professional. He was very helpful and gave me both an opinion about my options according to the letter of the law (which might provoke a legal tussle) and my practical options to avoid any litigation. I really appreciated this perspective.

Carolina V.

After a very traumatic event where I was renting, I had to go through the painful task to look for answers and guidance about my options and rights. And, I say painful because it was! I went to several organizations and talked to few lawyers, and no one was giving me a straightforward answer. To me, they were all very confusing, complicated, and almost all the time contradicting each other.

I was very lucky to find Daniel. He was very kind, patient and straight to the point in a language I could easily understand. He was very compassionate and sympathetic about my situation and made me feel confident and at peace.
Not only very professional and knowledgeable but genuinely passionate about helping tenants in San Francisco. I really appreciate Daniel’s help and I highly recommend his services.

Sam B.


Daniel was great at breaking down the questions our house had when we went through a difficult permitting issue, and the following legal questions. He was very honest and open about his own areas of expertise, recommending colleagues for certain areas, and quickly coming back to us with answers on anything he had to research precedent on. Without his help we never would have figured out the correct next steps, and would have found ourselves paralyzed by indecision. Thanks for everything Daniel!

Jamelle D.


Daniel saved the day with some sublease situations I was having. Great guy and very helpful!

Michael M.


Daniel is a top-flight tenants-rights lawyer. As an attorney who represents landlords, I frequently get calls from tenants who need legal representation, and I always refer them to Daniel.

Daniel is a smart, professional, tireless advocate for his clients. In fact, when I want a tenants-rights perspective, I often pick up the phone and bounce ideas off him myself. He knows San Francisco’s complicated rent ordinance inside and out, and he thinks strategically. If you are a tenant in need of a great lawyer, call Daniel.

Patrick M.


I searched for a good tenant lawyer & I found Daniel Wayne. He spoke with me on the phone for way too long for free and gave me some great advice. I decided to see him for further consultation, but my landlord decided not to force us to move after all. Daniel was so very kind, real, honest & patient. If you need a lawyer I suggest you use him! If for any reason I need one again I will call him first & foremost. Please do not take advantage of his kindness and good nature. His rate for consultation was quite reasonable & he offered to put the consultation fee towards a retainer if I needed one. If you could give more than 5 stars, you would see them connected to his good name. Again my landlord decided not to sell and is letting us stay. Perhaps he heard I had spoke with Mr Daniel Wayne.
Thank you for your expertise and generous heart.
Sincerely Patrick Joseph Maloney

Sharon D.

Daniel is very savvy, smart, and reasonably priced. He doesn’t waste your time. He gets right to the point and lays out your options.
I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again, but I hope I don’t need to.

Geno M.

Living in SF, everyone has different information about renters rights. Landlords, master tenants, friends, google searches, etc….they all provide a series of conflicting information.

Thankfully I was able to ask Daniel for advice about a variety of real estate topics ranging from rent increases to what is and is not legal on a lease and he responded with clarification and education.

Highly recommended.

Bruno V.

After living in our apartment for 43 years, we received the news that our building was being sold as a TIC and we would have to move. My husband and I felt like our world had collapsed. We were panicked and did not know what our options were. Thankfully, we were given a recommendation to get in touch with Daniel. He responded to my frantic phone call within 24 hours and spoke to me on the phone for over 30 minutes. We were able to see him within two days of our initial phone conversation and he immediately calmed us down.

Daniel listens patiently and explains the convoluted laws concerning TIC and Ellis evictions in plain English. From the beginning, we knew we were incompetent and kind hands. Thanks to him we received a large settlement from our landlady and he took over all communication with the landlady and her lawyer, saving us from unpleasant conversations that went nowhere. He made us feel that we were important to him and that our problems were going to be solved in a professional and competent manner.

Knowing that he was helping us gave us the peace of mind to make thoughtful decisions and to move on with our lives in a positive manner. Our problems stopped seeming overwhelming and we have had a happy ending.

We highly recommend him for any and all tenant/landlord disputes.

Bruno and Rae

Christina C.


As many are forced to transition out of their homes in the current (incredibly inflated) SF rental market, I really had no idea what to expect or even where to start. Daniel was incredibly knowledgeable, but most importantly, he helped us navigate this unpleasant experience which resulted in positive outcomes for everyone involved.

He is straightforward and incredibly professional, but still down to earth and a genuinely nice guy. Highly recommend him for tenant/landlord disputes!

Erick R.


Daniel fought for my wife and me against one of the most infamous landlord attorneys in San Francisco. While this attorney was belligerent and bullying, Daniel kept his professionalism, always holding in mind the possibility that the case might have to go to trial and preparing for such an outcome by creating a history of professional interaction and reasonableness. Although the other attorney was disorganized and made countless errors, Daniel remained deliberate, thorough and thoughtful. Daniel was also very communicative and kept us informed at every turn. He was honest, modest and realistic; he let us know if he wasn’t sure about some aspect of the law pertaining to the case and assured us he would be seeking expert consultation. In the end, we got a fair settlement at a very fair price. Daniel was sensitive to our financial situation and did not bill us for any unnecessary time. He was also extremely sensitive to our privacy and confidentiality; we felt protected. Finally, Daniel is very passionate about helping tenants in SF.

David T.


Faced with a 60-day notice of a 70% rent increase (that’s right – seven zero!) and knowing very little about tenancy laws in SF, Daniel came to the rescue. Prior to seeking out Daniel, we (my roommates and I) were bullied by the landlord’s lawyer into accepting the rent increase. We didn’t know what our rights were or if the rent increase was lawful in the first place. The SF Rent Board holds drop-in office hours, so we initially went there seeking advice. They looked at our documentation and made an initial assessment that the rent increase was potentially unlawful. However, we needed to file a petition, which would kick off an official hearing between the landlord and us. We could have represented ourselves without an attorney, but not having our own attorney was very risky – so we lawyered up and hired Daniel.

I can’t stress how important it is to have attorney representation at a rent board hearing – and Daniel was extraordinary. Daniel was extremely experienced, de-mystifying the entire experience and explaining everything in a clear and concise manner over email and in person. He prepped us by having a mock session where he simulated questions from the landlord’s attorney. Working with Daniel was seamless. If I had follow-up questions, I didn’t hesitate to email or call him. His fee schedule was transparent and the initial estimate was in line with what we actually paid in the end.

During the hearing, he professionally and enthusiastically represented our position. Daniel is very passionate about his work, which was evident throughout the entire process. The panel eventually decided that the rent increase was unlawful. WE WON! We could have kept the rent as is, but we wanted improvements and upgrades to the apartment. With Daniel’s help negotiating, we got new appliances, fixtures, and a gate – all for a slight increase in rent, but on our terms. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome and our experience with Daniel.

Thanks Daniel for helping us out tremendously!

Krisztina E.


There are few things in life worse than getting a Notice to Quit from your landlord in today’s housing market. I guarantee you will brush up on the law lingo fast….. Maybe tax fraud and getting caught and audited by the IRS? Now that’s pretty bad……Or the death of a loved one?….Maybe divorce with lots of disagreement, properties, and kids between people who hate each other in their dysfunctional relationship and although divorce should be a savior it’s nothing but a catalyst of hate?…..I don’t know. But hey, in today’s housing market, especially having a rent controlled apartment in the Mission for over six years, which was a pretty sweet deal as a broken grad student who was searching all over the city with no income only federal loans to show….I’d say I had a very nice nearly 1200 sq ft place……One’s mind is really going all over the place to find the right help and expert housing representation before your landlord is filing for an unlawful detainer and all the legal jumbo-jumbo which you have no idea about…..So, although I must have called about 10 law offices, there were only three lawyers who called me back…….and eventually I chose Daniel to go with…..he was easy to talk to, called me back within a reasonable time, I’d say within a 48 hour window and the next thing I knew I was in his office……Although our situation was more difficult than your average person for many factors – for one a having a slum landlord owning up to nearly $80 million dollars worth of property in SF, who was represented by a huge corporate law firm and one of the worst management companies in SF (MAKRAS), we still walked away with nearly 5 months of rent free living, return of security deposit and all our rights to file our habitability lawsuit against the owner (who only fixed anything in the apartment after the city inspectors came out and penalized him with with over 30K)…..

Although Daniel doesn’t have two decades of experience behind him yet (hence doesn’t charge you $350-400/hr!!!), he is willing to go the extra mile for you, he is super easy to talk to and communicates via email daily if needed, he will call you back within the same day and will do whatever it takes….he is kind with empathy (hard to find these days), he is funny and smart. He is succinct and will break down complexity to understandable and simple terms, line by line if needed. He is patient and down to earth. And most importantly knows the law. You will be in great hands. He will seek the advice from his seniors if ever in doubt and would never jeopardize your case. I know I made the right choice. I can only give my highest recommendation. You will be in great hands with great knowledge.

Eric S.


So I don’t often take the time to write a Yelp review, but my experience working with Daniel far surpassed my expectations and I feel that people need to know how good he is.

I was involved in an illegal rent increase fight with my landlord after living in my apartment for 12 years. I was blindsided, panicked and confused. I reached out to a legal referral service and they set me up with someone else who did not even take the time to get to know the problem before he started telling me his fees. Luckily a co-worker knew Daniel and gave me his information. My first meeting with him really got me to calm down from my panic. He was very clear on what the laws pertaining to my situation were and made sure I knew my rights as a rent controlled tenant. From there he helped me win my case against my landlord, even through her appeal.

Daniel is a great advocate for tenant’s rights in a city where landlords will do anything they can to screw their tenants. I absolutely recommend Daniel for anyone needing legal help.

Kendra C.

Like so many San Franciscans this year I got the unsettling news that my landlord wanted me out because they were selling the TIC. Having no idea what that really even meant I turned to Daniel immediately. It was a stroke of luck that I had just met him at a networking event.

Daniel took the time to explain the options. He was realistic with the risks and advantages so I could make the most educated decisions. Because I really wanted to stay in the apartment there wasn’t a realistic price where I could be bought out. I am happy to say that I am officially SAFE and don’t have to go anywhere. Regardless of the outcome I knew that I had Daniel “in my back pocket.” He has very quickly built an excellent reputation in the City and his knowledge and experience improves daily with so many in crisis.

I feel 100% confident in recommending Daniel for your tenant issues.

Sarah D.

I really appreciate Daniel’s help recently with a long and difficult issue with our landlords. He really listened and asked key questions to help guide me through the best options to settle the dispute. We will absolutely be recommending him to all our friends (and neighbors who share the same landlords) and will be calling on his services again soon. Thanks!

Andrew S

Daniel provided valuable advice to me regarding my rent situation after I had some concerns that my landlords may have been illegally increasing our rent. He responded in a timely manner and walked me through my various options. I’m still in the process right now, but I can safely say Daniel has provided excellent legal advice and a sound strategy for moving forward.

Tyler T.


Daniel was a big help to me in becoming more knowledgeable about Landlord/Tenant rights. I came to him on a whim after seek more information on the subject, he took time out of his (I’m sure) busy day to speak with me, he even went as far as to reach out to some colleagues of his for a better outlook on my specific problem.

Thanks again for your help, Daniel!

Noah S.


Lawyers and mechanics are hard to choose because it’s not always clear until it’s too late if they are worth the money. Daniel Wayne was amazingly helpful with a deposit issue I had with my former landlord and definitely ended up being worth it. He not only was up on some really key points of law that helped me get my full deposit back but he was really good at negotiating with a difficult landlord. He understood that the deposit was a big deal to me and it showed in how hard he worked on my case.

He came highly rated from friends and I definitely see why, the guy cares a lot about his clients and works hard to get the best results for them. I almost feel like I should give him four stars so that it’s clear these reviews are legit, but I really don’t know what was missing from the experience. Definitely a great guy to have on your side.

Jen F.


Daniel is the type of attorney who gets the job done. He tells you straight up what your case is worth and doesn’t sugar coat things like other attorneys. He’s up early and works late…which equal RESULTS. I recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney. Thanks Daniel! You rock!

Joseph F.


I am a newcomer to San Francisco from Portland and I had little familiarity with San Francisco tenant law. I got myself into a bit of a bind with my first landlord who I felt was being manipulative and operating in bad faith; at the same time, I was uncertain of my legal status as a tenant. I contacted Daniel to gain a better understanding of all of my legal rights and the rights of my landlord.

Daniel was helpful and very professional. He took the time to understand my situation (complex as it was) and then carefully explain what I was and was not legally required to do. He was knowledgeable, respectful, and was able to put me at ease with respect to the situation. In the future, should I have any further tenant issues in San Francisco, I’ll be sure to consult Daniel again.

M L.


I contacted Daniel regarding a complex housing dispute pertaining to the effect of a condo conversion on rent control protections. Daniel guided me through my options and clearly explained the laws as they pertained to my situation. He clearly cares deeply about his clients, and is a valuable resource for anyone looking to sift through the complex field of landlord tenant laws in San Francisco.

Daniel is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend him.

Ryan S.


I contacted Daniel about a small, but very frustrating and upsetting issue with my landlord. I wasn’t even sure it would be worthy enough to warrant an attorney’s guidance, but I went for it anyway. And I was really happy I did. Daniel was very upfront, honest, and communicative about possible options and likely outcomes. He is lightening fast with his responses and friendly to work with. Although I hope not to have future legal issues with my landlord, I know who I will call if I do.

Daniel G.

Helped me when I needed it. Highly recommend. Easy to talk to. I’d use him in future legal situations. All around good guy.


First of all, I never thought that *I* would write a positive lawyer review. Secondly, I never thought that I *could* write a positive lawyer review.

There is something about Daniel-when you meet him you feel reassured. Being a skeptic that I am, I walked out of his office and thought “all lawyers are charismatic anyway”.

Daniel continued to impress me long after my husband and I met him. He is not just personable and likable, he is also professional, punctual and genuinely dedicated to his clients.

I would recommend him to every tenant who has any questions or concerns.

Brian R.


Having recently moved to SF, I was taken completely by surprise when I received a rather disconcerting notice from my landlord. I contacted Daniel immediately and he cleared things right up: not only did he answer my questions and quell my concerns, he took the time to ensure I understood my rights as a tenant living in this new and strange city. I highly recommend him as a valued and trusted advisor.

Joel C.


If you are seeking an attorney who will not return your calls promptly, fail to answer emails inside of 48 hours and generally palm you off as unimportant, stop. Daniel is not the guy you’re looking for.

If, however, you want representation from someone who will give you peace of mind, communicate clearly, consistently and honestly – and has experience coupled with excellent working knowledge of the complex laws and codes in our city, you should call him – now.

Highly recommended.

Kate I.

Landlord-tenant issues are never fun, but Daniel is the ideal person to work with when questioning your rights as a tenant or seeking to resolve an issue with your landlord. He was willing to listen and offer legal advice and counsel to me right away, and has since provided prompt and informative service as our lawyer.

Throughout the entire process, Daniel put every effort toward defending our situation and keeping it from going to court. He is very reasonable and easy to work with. Not to mention the amount of stress he saved us by always being there to defend us, and offer us multiple options of how to respond each step of the way.

It feels good knowing we can always call on Daniel Wayne!

Jeremy W.

Daniel is very down to earth and pragmatic. He’s got a great attitude, pays attention to detail and explains complex topics in a way that is accessible and, frankly, interesting. Highly recommended.

Rebecca S.

Daniel Wayne was very attentive and knowledgeable regarding tenant rights. I’m very pleased to have talked to him. Any future business I would definitely call him.

Andrew K.

I came to Daniel Wayne with some questions relating to my new business. I was in need of guidance and he offered answers that both informed and comforted me. Mr. Wayne provided me with clarifications that ultimately helped me to make important business decisions from an informed standpoint.

Mr. Wayne is very professional and a great communicator. He explained the answers to my questions in-depth and in a manner that I could understand. I would happily recommend him to anyone in need of legal counsel.

Lindsey K.


I was recently struggling with my landlord and the language of our lease. I had many questions and felt like my landlord was taking advantage of me as a tenant. I contacted Daniel and explained my situation. He responded with exactly the information I needed and was thorough and very easy to understand. It turned out that my landlord was holding me to a lease that wasn’t completely in compliance with the law. I was able to use Daniel’s advice with my landlord and it saved me hundreds of dollars, a lot of stress, and I avoided having to go to small claims court! Daniel was eager to follow up with me and it felt wonderful to have such a genuine and intelligent lawyer on my side! I highly suggest Daniel Wayne to anyone looking for a great lawyer! THANK YOU DANIEL!!

Michael W.


Daniel Wayne helped me navigate a potentially disastrous encounter with my landlord. Daniel was able to clearly explain my rights as a tenant and ultimately diffuse the situation before an official legal action was initiated. Great work!

Vidya M.


Daniel Wayne Law has helped me so much. Daniel is an excellent resource for anyone looking for anything from mild legal advice, to extreme cases. He is very attentive to detail, and really seems to care about his clients, and assist them in any way he can. I feel so grateful to finally have found an attorney that is interested in helping people get what they deserve. I was having some housing/landlord issues, and I started to fret and succumb to losing my battle, when I turned to Wayne law, and was helped immediately. A great advocate for any of your legal woes.

Marissa C.


Daniel is an excellent advocate and, aside from top notch legal expertise and, offers peace of mind to anyone wading through landlord-tenant issues. He’s very accessible for any questions or concerns and truly ushers you through what could otherwise be a very difficult process. He excels at negotiation strategy and explains all the options available while helping guide you to the best choice for your situation. It was an invaluable resource to have Daniel working diligently on my case while I got back to the business of life. I highly recommend his services.

Kezia P.


Daniel successfully negotiated a settlement agreement with my landlord’s attorney that allowed me to stay in my apartment. Of all the possible outcomes, this was the one I wanted and he fought to make it happen. If you’re looking for a sharp, aggressive and proactive attorney who is also compassionate, kind and sympathetic to tenants — contact Daniel Wayne.

Monica S.


I recommend Daniel Wayne to anyone looking for a highly effective, intelligent, yet down to earth attorney. Unlike many lawyers, Daniel is a “people-person” and easy to talk to and get along with. He is very committed to his cases, clients, and is always pleasant and professional.

Chikodi C.


Daniel is passionate about tenant’s rights law, and dutifully serves his clients. He is tireless in his pursuit of his client’s goals, and is a warm, available and personable advocate.

Willow B.


Daniel Wayne is an excellent lawyer who has helped me resolve various legal issues on multiple occasions. He is extremely knowledgeable, and also skilled at seeking out obscure information and finding answers to questions not necessarily covered by his expertise. He is patient and compassionate and good at helping regular people wade through complicated legal issues. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for a good lawyer.

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