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BLM: We Stand In Solidarity

We stand in solidarity with protestors across the country who are standing up for justice and demanding accountability. We are hopeful that the protests of the past few weeks will serve as that spark that leads to real, sustained change. Our firm, Wolford Wayne, was founded on the principles of social justice and civil rights. We fight for displaced tenants in the San Francisco Bay Area and we seek economic... Read More

Eviction Moratorium during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID-19 ravaging the world, there is an eviction moratorium in many counties the Bay Area. Here we breakdown the current state of the law on evictions and the options for tenants facing financial hardship during the pandemic. SAN FRANCISCO Eviction Moratorium for Non-Payment of Rent  In March San Francisco issued an order placing a moratorium on evictions for non payment of rent where a tenant cannot pay rent due... Read More

Eviction Notices

Common Eviction Notices Before a landlord can file an eviction lawsuit against a tenant they must first abide by the applicable notice requirements. The type and content of the eviction notice depends on the city/county in question. If the tenant does not vacate within the specified notice period a landlord can thereafter file an eviction / unlawful detainer lawsuit. The most common notices are: Three Day Notice to Cure /... Read More