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Getting A Rent Reduction Due the Pandemic

Should I Get A Rent Reduction Due to Amenities Shut Down Because of the Pandemic?

Can I Get A Rent Reduction Due to a Loss of Amenities?  With some many businesses and services being shut down due to the pandemic, it's likely that you haven't been able to use common areas in your apartment complex like the gym facilities or even the roof top garden for several months. And you didn't even get to use the pool or jacuzzi during the warm summer months. Yet,... Read More

Breaking Your Lease During the Pandemic

Breaking Your Lease During the Pandemic

You decide to relocate to another town because your job is now done remotely. Or you've just bought a house. Or you've just been laid off. There are plenty of great reasons you are now looking into breaking your lease. However, none of these good excuses are necessarily legally valid. Even in the time of Covid-19, reasons related to the pandemic are not necessarily a legal basis for breaking your... Read More

What Can You Do About an Apartment Rat Infestation?

Apartment Rat Infestation

At first you try to put it out of your mind. But there's no denying the scratching and gnawing that you hear between the walls. All signs point to an apartment rat infestation. Unfortunately, this is fitting because ever since the pandemic, rats have had to adapt to surrounding circumstances and have increased their presence in residential areas. It's bad enough to see a rat out in the street, but... Read More