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Tips for Dealing with Annoying Neighbors

Tips for Dealing with Annoying Neighbors

Annoying neighbors– we have all dealt with them at one point or another. Although you don’t always know who your neighbors are, you often know what they’re doing. You know what they’re having for lunch because you can smell it. You can hear them singing through the thin walls of your apartment. You encounter their… Read more »

Getting A Rent Reduction Due the Pandemic

Can I Get A Rent Reduction Due to a Loss of Amenities?  With some many businesses and services being shut down due to the pandemic, it’s likely that you haven’t been able to use common areas in your apartment complex like the gym facilities or even the roof top garden for several months. And you… Read more »

Breaking Your Lease During the Pandemic

You decide to relocate to another town because your job is now done remotely. Or you’ve just bought a house. Or you’ve just been laid off. There are plenty of great reasons you are now looking into breaking your lease. However, none of these good excuses are necessarily legally valid. Even in the time of… Read more »