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Eviction Notices

Common Eviction Notices Before a landlord can file an eviction lawsuit against a tenant they must first abide by the applicable notice requirements. The type and content of the eviction notice depends on the city/county in question. If the tenant does not vacate within the specified notice period a landlord can thereafter file an eviction / unlawful detainer lawsuit. The most common notices are: Three Day Notice to Cure /... Read More

Dealing with a Mold Infestation in Your Apartment

Mold is often a sign that there’s a leak somewhere. Once water has seeped inside of walls, floors or ceilings, moist conditions help mold bloom and thrive there, hidden out of sight - or in sight for that matter. Mold infestations are serious. If you’ve experienced flooding or a leak in your roof, chances are there might be mold somewhere in your building. And that’s an issue you want to... Read More

Daniel Wayne is Now Blogging for “Broke-Ass Stuart”

Daniel is excited to announce that he has begun writing a bi-monthly column for local news site Broke Ass Stuart focused on educating Bay Area residents on their tenancy rights.  The latest entries can be found on the website:  The most recent post, published on May 7, 2015 addresses the issue of "Tenant Buyout" agreements. Read More