BLM: We Stand In Solidarity

We stand in solidarity with protestors across the country who are standing up for justice and demanding accountability. We are hopeful that the protests of the past few weeks will serve as that spark that leads to real, sustained change.

Our firm, Wolford Wayne, was founded on the principles of social justice and civil rights. We fight for displaced tenants in the San Francisco Bay Area and we seek economic justice for our clients. Yet we recognize that we have benefited personally from our position of privilege and we have much work to do.

We know this statement is just that, a statement, and that it is only through action that change will come. All the same, there is a clear line being drawn, with complacency and bigotry on one side, and action and fairness on the other. Silence simply didn’t feel like an option. So, while we know the bulk of the work is to come, we stand with you. We promise to listen, to learn, to be allies and to put our time, energy and money into manifesting real, systemic change.