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Habitability Defects

Preparing to Sue Your Landlord

Thinking about suing your landlord? If you find yourself in a position where you are considering bringing a lawsuit against your landlord. Because the remedies available to tenants vary depending on the city you live in, be sure to consult with an attorney to find out more about how these tips apply to your situation. 1. When Can I Bring A Lawsuit? In California, your landlord has a duty to... Read More

What if My Apartment is Illegal?


One issue that we see come up frequently involves “illegal” units. Many tenants have no idea that they live in an illegal unit or what that might mean. Whether your apartment is illegal or not can be significant and impact your tenancy and rights. Illegal units are residential dwelling units that lack a “certificate of final completion and occupancy.” Certificates of occupancy are issued by the San Francisco Department of... Read More

Dealing with a Mold Infestation in Your Apartment

Mold is often a sign that there’s a leak somewhere. Once water has seeped inside of walls, floors or ceilings, moist conditions help mold bloom and thrive there, hidden out of sight - or in sight for that matter. Mold infestations are serious. If you’ve experienced flooding or a leak in your roof, chances are there might be mold somewhere in your building. And that’s an issue you want to... Read More