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Choosing An Apartment

Do I Have to Sign a New Lease?


A common question we get from tenants is whether or not they have to sign a new lease. Depending on the situation signing a new lease may be obligatory or it may be completely inappropriate. In this article we discuss the various considerations. Tenants Cannot Refuse to Sign a Lease that is Materially Similar or the Same Under the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, refusal to sign a new lease “for... Read More

Choosing a New Apartment

The monthly rent, the length of your commute, the relative decrepitude of your washer and dryer -- all these factors are important when you’re choosing a new apartment. But in San Francisco there are other considerations that can seriously affect your future as a tenant. Even if you think you’ve found your “forever” rental, consider doing some extra legwork. Taking these basic steps could reveal potential red flags, and save... Read More