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Landlord Disclosures: What do Landlords Need to Tell Tenants?

What Disclosures do Landlords Need to Give Tenants?

Before you sign a lease or rental agreement, you have the legal right to be given certain information about the living space that you’re about to move into. Landlords must reveal specific facts about a property at various times. This includes mandated disclosures before the tenant signs a rental agreement, during the renter’s tenancy, and… Read more »

Five Tips for Negotiating A Covid-19 Rent Reduction

Top 3 Tips for Negotiating Covid-19 Rent Reductions

Who doesn’t want a rent reduction?! With rising vacancies and eviction moratoriums triggered by the pandemic, San Francisco renters are finally in the driver’s seat when it comes to negotiating rent reductions. Landlords are cutting rent by 10 or 20 percent, offering gift cards, free rent, or other incentives for signing a new lease. This… Read more »

Do I Have to Sign a New Lease?


A common question we get from tenants is whether or not they have to sign a new lease. Depending on the situation signing a new lease may be obligatory or it may be completely inappropriate. In this article we discuss the various considerations. Tenants Cannot Refuse to Sign a Lease that is Materially Similar or… Read more »

Choosing a New Apartment

The monthly rent, the length of your commute, the relative decrepitude of your washer and dryer — all these factors are important when you’re choosing a new apartment. But in San Francisco there are other considerations that can seriously affect your future as a tenant. Even if you think you’ve found your “forever” rental, consider… Read more »