Wrongful Eviction
Types of Damages Available in a Wrongful Eviction Case

Types of Damages Available in a Wrongful Eviction Case

Types of Damages Available in a Wrongful Eviction Case


Types of Damages Available in a Wrongful Eviction Case

In cities like San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, most tenants are protected from unlawful evictions by local ordinances and state laws. Unfortunately, wrongful evictions are still a common occurrence. When a tenant is wrongfully evicted, they may be able to file a wrongful eviction lawsuit against the landlord and receive monetary compensation.

Below you will learn about the damages you may be eligible for in a wrongful eviction lawsuit. If you have questions about a recent eviction, talk to one of our wrongful eviction attorneys at Wolford Wayne now.

What Is a Wrongful Eviction?

The basic definition of a wrongful eviction is an eviction that occurs in violation of local laws. In San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, local rent ordinances require landlords to have “just cause” for an eviction, and forcing a tenant out without just cause is wrongful eviction. If you are evicted illegally, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the landlord.

Wrongful evictions can happen in many ways. For example, landlords may change the locks or shut off the utilities in order to force a tenant out of their residence. In other cases, a landlord might refuse to make necessary repairs, hoping that the tenant will choose to leave. 

Determining on your own if you were evicted illegally can be a challenge. If you believe you’ve been wrongfully evicted, consult with a wrongful eviction attorney right away.

Damages For Illegal Evictions

If you are a victim of an illegal eviction, you may be able to file a lawsuit against your landlord and receive compensation, also referred to as damages. Some of the damages you may be awarded include: 

  • Statutory damages: These are damages the landlord or owner must pay for violating local or state statutes. The amount is determined by the law that was violated. Depending on the eviction circumstances, these damages can be calculated per day or violation. Many rent regulations provide triple statutory damages, meaning that the amount owed for the violation is multiplied by three. 
  • Actual damages: Costs the tenant incurs due to the wrongful eviction may be awarded as actual damages. These include temporary housing costs, out-of-pocket moving fees, or loss of use damages if you’ve been permanently forced out of your rent-controlled home. These damages can also cover the pain, suffering, and inconvenience tenants experience due to landlords who act in bad faith. 
  • Other related expenses: Depending on the rent ordinance, you may also be entitled to court costs and attorney’s fees if you hire a wrongful eviction attorney to represent you.

Talk To a Wrongful Eviction Attorney Now

Tenants in cities like San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley have a right to enjoy their rental homes without the fear of being forced to leave their homes unexpectedly or without good cause. And when landlords violate these rights, tenants deserve a strong, knowledgeable advocate to represent them.

At Wolford Wayne, we represent tenants who have been wrongfully forced out of their rental homes. We never represent landlords, only tenants. We have spent years fighting for justice on behalf of renters, and we take pride in standing up for tenants whose rights have been violated.

If you think you were illegally evicted, you have rights. The attorneys at Wolford Wayne can help you, so contact us today.

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