Jessica Q.

Jessica Q.



Jessica Q.

Daniel's a great guy and cares deeply about fighting the good fight. After years of harassment from our landlord culminated in one particularly awful dispute, my roommates and I decided to take our landlord to the SF rent board. We hired Daniel to represent us. He was super knowledgeable and explained to us very clearly what our rights were and how they were being infringed upon. He was extremely thorough in preparing for our case, meticulously collecting evidence and statements in our favor and taking the time to comb over years' worth of correspondence we'd exchanged with our landlord. At the hearings, he kept his cool in the face of repeated angry outbursts from our landlord's representative, and he always kept my roommates and me calm and on track. We ended with a ruling in our favor: we got a settlement, we got to stay in our home, and the landlord even started leaving us alone after years of harassment. I doubt that last part is a coincidence.

Being in a face-off over your home is scary stuff, especially right now in San Francisco. If you're in that unenviable position, give yourself the best leg up you can and give Daniel a call.

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