Dan C.

Dan C.



Dan C.

I cannot recommend Daniel Wayne enough. My roommates and I just finished a buyout negotiation with our landlord, and Daniel was instrumental in getting the outcome that we did. We couldn't have been as successful without him.

Daniel is intelligent, professional, and is also really down to earth. He makes a stressful situation easier to manage, is personable, and very easy to work with. Daniel is super knowledgeable about landlord/tenant law and explained it to us in an easy to understand way as it pertained to our situation. Throughout the process he did a great job of explaining our options and described the benefits and risks about each one. We had a lot of questions along the way and Daniel was always quick to respond and answered them fully. Piper, Daniel's Office Manager, was very helpful as well. Each time my roommates and I had to make a decision in the process, we were informed and educated, which was awesome.

Daniel is a master negotiator and has great recommendations on when to push and when to ease off. He really cares about tenants and that is totally apparent when working with him, I could tell that he was fighting for our best interest the entire time.

My roommates and I were considering doing the negotiation on our own. That would have been a big mistake. Daniel knows nuances that really benefit you, things that you and I don't know about because we're not tenant lawyers and he is, and he is a good one. If you're considering doing any kind of negotiation with your landlord on your own, seriously don't do it and go with Daniel.

100/10 would go with Daniel if I had landlord issues in the future.

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