Bruno V.

Bruno V.



Bruno V.

After living in our apartment for 43 years, we received the news that our building was being sold as a TIC and we would have to move. My husband and I felt like our world had collapsed. We were panicked and did not know what our options were. Thankfully, we were given a recommendation to get in touch with Daniel. He responded to my frantic phone call within 24 hours and spoke to me on the phone for over 30 minutes. We were able to see him within two days of our initial phone conversation and he immediately calmed us down.

Daniel listens patiently and explains the convoluted laws concerning TIC and Ellis evictions in plain English. From the beginning, we knew we were incompetent and kind hands. Thanks to him we received a large settlement from our landlady and he took over all communication with the landlady and her lawyer, saving us from unpleasant conversations that went nowhere. He made us feel that we were important to him and that our problems were going to be solved in a professional and competent manner.

Knowing that he was helping us gave us the peace of mind to make thoughtful decisions and to move on with our lives in a positive manner. Our problems stopped seeming overwhelming and we have had a happy ending.

We highly recommend him for any and all tenant/landlord disputes.

Bruno and Rae

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