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Wrongful Eviction Attorneys Oakland

Wrongful Eviction Attorneys Oakland

Wrongful Eviction Attorneys Oakland

Being forced out of your house or apartment can be emotionally and financially devastating. Rent ordinances in cities like Oakland are meant to protect tenants from wrongful evictions, but unfortunately, they are still a common problem. If you’ve been wrongfully forced out of your rental unit, you can take legal action against your landlord. Learn more on this topic below and contact our Oakland wrongful eviction lawyers at Wolford Wayne if you believe you’ve been wrongfully evicted.

What Is Wrongful Eviction in Oakland?

For an Oakland landlord to legally evict a tenant, they must have one of the just causes recognized by local law and follow the correct legal process for eviction. Some just causes for eviction include not paying rent, illegal or unlawful conduct in the unit, destruction of property, and more. A landlord then has to provide you with an eviction notice, and then pursue an eviction lawsuit in order to get a tenant out.

If your landlord forces you to move out without one of the 16 just causes, you may have been wrongfully evicted and could be entitled to substantial monetary damages. This can happen in a lot of ways, such as:

  • Your landlord locks you out of your unit;
  • You are forced to leave your apartment temporarily for repairs, but your landlord never allows you to move back in;
  • Your home has become unlivable due to a condition like mold or pests, and your landlord refuses to address the problem, so you are forced to move out.

As you can see, many factors can determine if an eviction is lawful or not. If you believe your landlord is acting in bad faith or attempting to force you out, talk to an Oakland wrongful eviction attorney as soon as possible.

Can a Landlord Evict You So They Can Move In?

Yes, in some situations, it is legal for your landlord to evict you so they or a relative can move in. However, they must do this in good faith and follow strict guidelines. For instance, if a landlord wants to move family members into your unit because it is cheaper than a nicer one already available, they may be prevented from doing so.

If you’ve lived in your apartment or house for more than a year before your landlord serves you with an owner move-in eviction, you are probably entitled to relocation funds. Also, if your landlord does not continue to meet the requirements for an owner move-in eviction, such as staying in the home for three years, you may have grounds for compensation in the form of a wrongful eviction lawsuit.

What Are My Rights If I’ve Been Wrongfully Evicted?

If you have been forced out of your home without a just cause for eviction, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Tenants who are displaced illegally may be entitled to damages for the loss of use of their rental unit, emotional distress, moving costs, and more. Where your landlord is found to have acted in bad faith, your actual damages may be automatically tripled under the law.

Talk To an Oakland Wrongful Eviction Attorney Now

Identifying a wrongful eviction isn’t always easy. Often, tenants realize they aren’t being treated fairly, but they’re unsure of their rights. That’s why it’s important to seek knowledgeable legal guidance if you suspect your rights are violated.

The Oakland wrongful eviction attorneys at Wolford Wayne help tenants get the compensation they deserve from landlords who act illegally. We only represent tenants, never landlords or management companies, so you know whose side we’re on. If you were wrongfully evicted from your home in Oakland, or you believe your landlord is attempting to force you out, call our office today to discuss your options.

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