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Tenant Rights Attorney Near Me

Tenant Rights Attorney Near Me

Tenant Rights Attorney Near Me

If you’re confused about your housing rights and obligations due to COVID-19, you’re not alone. The U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned the CDC’s eviction moratorium, but California vowed to continue certain protections and repayment schemes. This unprecedented situation, combined with the exponential increase in Bay Area rental prices, has left landlords eager to evict struggling tenants. Discuss your rights under California’s COVID-19 regulations and San Francisco wrongful eviction laws with the dedicated tenant rights lawyers at Wolford Wayne LLP by calling (415) 649-6203 or connecting with us online.

Overview of California Tenancy Rights

Tenant rights generally fall into three categories:

  1. The right to peaceably enjoy the rental property;
  2. The right to live in safe and habitable conditions;
  3. The right to be protected from unlawful evictions.

Rent control and anti-discrimination laws also protect San Francisco tenants, as do basic breach of contract laws controlling rental agreements. Various regulations might also provide tenants with legal remedies, including statutes dictating the specific responsibilities of landlords during buyout negotiations and pre-eviction proceedings. Experienced tenant rights lawyers near you can help you understand the specific laws applicable to your case.

The right to peaceable enjoyment generally protects Bay Area tenants from unlawful landlord intrusions, including coming into the apartment without notice and outside normal business hours, and unruly co-tenants. It may also provide tenants with remedies if their neighbors create unsafe conditions by selling drugs or harassing family members.

The warranty of habitability, along with various San Francisco health and safety laws, requires landlords to make necessary repairs, provide access to essential utilities, and take immediate action to remedy unsafe mold, asbestos, and health concerns. Lastly, tenants cannot be unlawfully evicted from their units. This includes constructive evictions, including landlords refusing to make repairs to force tenants out of rent-controlled units or engaging in harassing conduct to force lease terminations.

Penalties for Violating San Francisco Housing Laws

California takes a strong stance against tenant harassment, abusive landlords, and unlawful evictions. Penalties vary based on the type of unlawful conduct, the landlord’s intent, and applicable laws. In many cases, tenants might obtain the following relief:

  • Dismissal of eviction proceedings for unlawful landlord conduct
  • Actual damages related to wrongful evictions including hotel costs, medical bills, moving expenses, and reimbursement for personal property damage
  • Rent reductions and return of unlawfully extorted rent payments
  • Triple damages for intentional eviction and harassment violations
  • Statutory damages for each individual legal violation
  • Tort damages for harassment, assault, theft, fraud, emotional distress, or discrimination
  • An injunction, also called a stop order, related to unlawful co-tenant or landlord conduct
  • Punitive damages
  • Attorneys’ fees

Importantly, wrongfully evicted, threatened, or harassed tenants might recover the attorneys’ fees necessary to enforce their rights. This means San Francisco renters might obtain legal representation from the tenant rights lawyers at Wolford Wayne LLP without any upfront costs.

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At Wolford Wayne LLP, we exclusively represent the rights of tenants in San Francisco. We might help California renters understand current COVID-19 protections, negotiate fair buyout agreements, and take legal action after unlawful evictions. If necessary, we can also sue to recover damages for unlawful landlord conduct. Connect with a dedicated tenant rights attorney near you for free by calling (415) 649-6203 or connecting with our legal team online.

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