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San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Lawsuits

San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Lawsuits

San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Lawsuits

Tenants in San Francisco are protected from illegal evictions and improper rent increases, thanks to strict local laws. Landlords who want to evict a San Francisco tenant must go through a legal process and obtain a judgment from the Court in order to force a tenant to move out. It is against the law for a landlord to simply throw a tenant’s belongings in the street and tell a tenant they have to move out without a “just cause” for eviction or to change the locks.

You cannot be forced to vacate your home unless the landlord has a valid cause to evict you. At Wolford Wayne LLP, our San Francisco wrongful eviction attorneys help tenants who are wrongfully evicted sue their landlords. If you believe you were wrongfully evicted, or think your landlord is trying to force you out illegally, call us today to discuss your options.

Filing a Wrongful Eviction Lawsuit in San Francisco

If a landlord violates your rights, you may be entitled to significant damages under the San Francisco Rent Ordinance. Identifying a wrongful eviction can be tricky. Some of the common San Francisco wrongful eviction situations we help clients with include:

  • Landlords who harass tenants with the intention of making them move out. Illegal tenant harassment may include threatening a tenant to vacate, invading the tenant’s privacy, charging late rent or fees unfairly, and not fixing problems with the property.
  • Landlords who fail to properly maintain the home, resulting in a unit that is uninhabitable.
  • Unreasonable or unnecessary construction noise and disruption that forces a tenant to move out.

Can Your Landlord Evict You in San Francisco So They Can Move In?

In short, yes, it is legal for a landlord to evict a tenant so they or their close family member can move into a property. This is called an owner move-in eviction, or OMI. However, the landlord must follow very specific procedures to do this legally.

Unfortunately, some landlords claim they will move into a unit and force their long-term tenants to move out for an OMI only to then re-rent your home out to someone else at a higher rate. Landlords who use the owner move-in eviction process must move into the home within three months and occupy it as their primary home for no less than three years. Landlords cannot have multiple primary residences, and they can’t move in and then use your home as their weekend getaway, for example. This is illegal, and if you think you have been the victim of a wrongful eviction, contact us today to discuss your options for getting compensation for losing your home.

Contact Our San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Attorneys Now

It’s common to feel afraid and overwhelmed after a wrongful eviction in San Francisco. But state and local laws are designed to protect you, and help is available to defend your rights.

At Wolford Wayne LLP, our San Francisco wrongful eviction attorneys understand what you are experiencing and can help you navigate complex eviction and rental issues. We will review your wrongful eviction claim and let you know if you have a case. Our wrongful eviction attorneys work on a contingency basis, so you will not pay unless we win your case. Talk to our San Francisco wrongful eviction attorneys today for assistance.

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