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Oakland Wrongful Eviction Lawyer

Oakland Wrongful Eviction Lawyer

Oakland Wrongful Eviction Lawyer

 Despite laws overseeing eviction procedures, landlords might still try to wrongfully evict tenants in the Bay Area. If you have been wrongfully evicted from your home in Oakland, you have rights and should seek help from an Oakland wrongful eviction attorney. At Wolford Wayne, we have the experience needed to help you take action for a wrongful eviction.

Our attorneys will work to ensure you know your rights according to state law and local ordinances. Reach out to discuss whether you were wrongfully evicted and what your options might be.

Can A Landlord Wrongfully Evict An Oakland Resident?

You cannot be evicted from your home unless your landlord has “just cause.” Some of the just causes a landlord can use to justify an eviction include:

  • Failing to pay agreed-upon rent
  • Creating a nuisance on the property
  • Breaching a material term of the lease

It’s important to note that before a landlord is permitted to start the eviction process, they need to give their tenants written notice stating the cause of the eviction. Landlords must then properly file an eviction lawsuit in civil court. 

If your landlord failed to take these steps and evicted you, there might be a possible action for wrongful eviction. Discuss your rights with a tenants’ rights attorney immediately.

Filing a Wrongful Eviction Lawsuit

It is unlawful for a landlord to engage in wrongful eviction, and the law provides remedies for tenants who are wrongfully evicted. Specifically, you can seek financial compensation for the losses you experienced due to losing your rental unit.

Our attorneys can file a lawsuit seeking various damages that you might be entitled to, depending on your circumstances. Such damages include:

  • Moving costs, hotel bills, and other out-of-pocket expenses
  • Damages for rent differential if you were wrongfully evicted from a rent-controlled home
  • Damages for emotional distress from losing your home
  • Legal fees and costs
  • Punitive damages up to $100 per day your landlord was in violation of the law

If you have not moved yet but your landlord is initiating a wrongful eviction, you should not move unless you are forced out. Speak with our attorneys immediately about your legal options. We can evaluate your situation and determine whether you have a wrongful eviction case. This might keep you in your home, or if you have already moved, can compensate you for the losses you incurred and more.

Speak With An Oakland Wrongful Eviction Lawyer Today To Discuss Your Case

As a tenant, you need to be aware of what constitutes a wrongful eviction. If you are facing or have recently faced a wrongful eviction, you can speak with an Oakland wrongful eviction lawyer from the Wolford Wayne law firm.

Our firm knows how to initiate legal proceedings following a wrongful eviction, and we want to help. We can assist you with filing a wrongful eviction lawsuit when appropriate and obtaining the legal relief you deserve. Contact us here to learn your rights and allow us to begin representing you.

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