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Oakland Wrongful Eviction Lawsuits

Oakland Wrongful Eviction Lawsuits

Oakland Wrongful Eviction Lawsuits

Most tenants in Oakland live in homes or apartments covered by the city’s local rent ordinance, which spells out rules for when a landlord can evict a tenant. Even if your landlord has grounds to evict you, they must follow detailed rules and procedures to evict you legally. Landlords cannot just kick you out, throw your belongings on the street or change the locks. Actions like this are illegal, and landlords who commit these violations can face serious consequences.

Our office represents Oakland tenants who have been wrongfully evicted from their homes. Even though the law makes changing the locks and throwing tenants on the street illegal, this sadly still happens far too often in cities like Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco. Illegally evicted tenants may have a right to bring a lawsuit for substantial compensation. If you believe you were wrongfully forced out of your home, discuss your legal options today with the experienced Oakland wrongful eviction attorneys at Wolford Wayne.

What Does an Oakland Wrongful Eviction Look Like?

Wrongful evictions occur when a landlord does not go through the proper legal process and instead takes the eviction process into their own hands (known as a “self-help” eviction) or convinces a tenant to move out through fraud. Wrongful or illegal evictions can happen in many ways. Here are a few other common scenarios that lead to wrongful eviction in Oakland:

  • Your landlord requires you to move temporarily for repairs but does not let you move back in after the repairs are complete.
  • You are asked to relocate for an owner move-in eviction, but the owner never moves into the unit, re-rents it, or leaves after just a few months.
  • Your landlord tells you that you have to move out so they can sell the property.
  • Your landlord changes the locks on your home while you’re out and won’t let you return.

Note that a wrongful eviction is different from a legal eviction. Tenants who were served with an eviction lawsuit and subsequently lose in court or move out as part of a settlement of that eviction process typically do not have the ability to turn around and sue their landlord for wrongful eviction. If your landlord went through the legal process for evicting you for an allowable “just cause” for eviction, then you likely were not wrongfully evicted.

Filing a Claim for Wrongful Eviction in Oakland

If you have been illegally evicted by your landlord, the first step to getting justice is speaking with a qualified tenant’s rights attorney. A tenant attorney can talk through what happened, evaluate the evidence you have, and discuss your options. In certain circumstances, tenants who have been wrongfully evicted may be able to sue their landlord for their financial losses from losing their homes.

The biggest challenge, however, is proving that you were evicted illegally.

If you are considering moving out of your rental unit because of an issue like a harassing landlord or repairs that were never made, talk to an Oakland tenant’s rights lawyer first. They can help you understand if you have grounds for legal action against your landlord and help you gather important evidence while you are still in your unit.

What is My Wrongful Eviction Case Worth?

Under Oakland’s Tenant Protection Ordinance, tenants who are illegally evicted may be entitled to substantial financial damages depending on how long they lived in their home, whether their home is rent-controlled, and the specific facts of their situation. Some of the damages your Oakland wrongful eviction attorney can help you seek include:

  • Rent differential damages for the loss of your rent-controlled home.
  • Moving costs associated with the eviction, such as storage or hotel bills.
  • Compensation for emotional distress.

Contact an Oakland Wrongful Eviction Attorney Today

If you suspect you were wrongfully evicted in Oakland, you have ways to fight back. You may be able to file a wrongful eviction lawsuit and receive compensation for your losses, but you need to act quickly to build a strong case.

At Wolford Wayne LLP, our wrongful eviction attorneys understand eviction laws in cities like Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley, and we use our knowledge to seek justice for people illegally forced out of their homes. We will review your wrongful eviction case and determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit. Talk to our Oakland wrongful eviction attorneys today to get started.

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