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Berkeley Wrongful Eviction Attorneys

Berkeley Wrongful Eviction Attorneys

Berkeley Wrongful Eviction Attorneys

Landlords do not always follow the proper procedures to evict tenants in Berkeley. Such requirements include having just cause for the eviction, providing written notice of the eviction to the tenant, and filing an eviction lawsuit in the proper court. It is improper for a landlord to attempt to evict – or actually evict a tenant without following the proper process.

If your landlord is attempting to evict you without a just cause or if you have already been wrongfully evicted, you may have grounds to fight back.  The first step is to consult with a Berkeley wrongful eviction attorney at Wolford Wayne LLP. Our attorneys are here to help you take action against your landlord for wrongful eviction.

Can You Obtain Compensation for a Wrongful Eviction?

If you have been wrongfully evicted, you may be entitled to financial damages. You can seek the following possible damages by filing a wrongful eviction lawsuit:

  • Actual damages: Actual damages include the financial losses that a tenant experienced due to the wrongful eviction. This includes the value of the loss of your rent controlled home for however long you would have continued to live there.
  • Emotional distress:  You can seek damages for the mental and emotional effects of losing your home.
  • Punitive damages: If your landlord was in violation of the law regarding the eviction, you can seek up to $100 per day that the violation occurred.
  • Legal expenses: You can seek coverage of your attorney’s fees and legal costs necessary to file the wrongful eviction lawsuit.

When Do You Have Grounds for a Wrongful Eviction Lawsuit? 

We can review what happened in your situation and advise whether you have grounds for a wrongful eviction lawsuit, which might include: 

  • Illegal lockouts
  • Forcing a tenant to vacate without proper written notice and one of the “just cause” grounds for eviction under the Rent Ordinance.
  • Forcing a tenant to vacate temporarily and refusing to allow them to move back in

If your landlord is trying to wrongfully evict you and you have not yet moved, always speak with a tenant attorney before you move out.

Get in Contact with a Berkeley Wrongful Eviction Attorney Today 

Wrongful evictions are stressful, but you have legal rights. Always have a Berkeley wrongful eviction attorney evaluate the best course of action for your situation. Wolford Wayne LLP is ready to assist you in this situation. Our attorneys can thoroughly investigate your circumstances and strategize to help you seek damages for wrongful eviction when possible. To ensure your rights as a tenant are protected, you should contact us as soon as possible.

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