Berkeley Tenant’s Rights Lawyer

Berkeley Tenant’s Rights Lawyer

Berkeley Tenant’s Rights Lawyer

Most buildings in Berkeley with at least two units built before June 30, 1980, are subject to the Rent Stabilization and Eviction for Good Cause Ordinance, which limits rent increases and evictions. However, despite these laws to protect tenants, landlords often violate the ordinance, hoping tenants who don’t know their rights will not fight back.

Below are a few basic points about Berkeley tenant laws that every renter in the city should know. If you were forced to leave your residence due to a harassing landlord or unlivable conditions, contact a Berkeley tenant’s rights lawyer at Wolford Wayne today to discuss your legal options. 

Landlords Need Good Cause to Evict Tenants

Most rental units in Berkeley are covered by the “good cause for eviction” protections of the Rent Ordinance. A landlord cannot evict a tenant from a protected unit unless one of the twelve “good causes” for eviction listed in the ordinance occurs. These causes range from failure to pay rent to an owner’s request to move into the unit.

Landlords Must Follow the Legal Eviction Process

Even with good cause, landlords must follow a strict process to legally evict a tenant, which varies based on the cause for eviction and the tenant’s circumstances. For example, an owner who wishes to move into a unit that a tenant has occupied for several years must give the tenant at least a 60-day notice to vacate, but tenants who commit illegal activity in their rental may be evicted more quickly.

Common Examples of Wrongful Eviction

Wrongful evictions happen when a landlord evicts a tenant in violation of the law. This can happen in many ways. Here are a few common wrongful eviction scenarios:

  • Your landlord evicts you for an owner move-in but never actually moves into the unit and instead re-rents it to a new tenant at a higher rate.
  • You are temporarily evicted for substantial repairs to the unit, but the landlord fails to offer the unit to you once repairs are complete.
  • You come home to discover the locks have been changed by your landlord, preventing you from entering the unit.

These are just a small sample of the ways a wrongful eviction can occur. It can be tough to know whether or not your landlord followed the correct legal process when evicting you. That’s why it is critical that you seek help from a Berkeley tenant’s rights lawyer if you think your rights have been violated. Landlords who illegally evict tenants can be subject to wrongful eviction lawsuits and could be required to pay monetary damages to the tenant.

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Do you believe you were illegally evicted in Berkeley? You should consult an experienced tenant’s rights attorney as soon as possible. At Wolford Wayne, we only represent tenants, never landlords, so you know we’re truly on your side. And we don’t get paid unless you win your case because we believe justice should be within reach for all tenants.

Wolford Wayne is ready to fight for you if you’ve been wrongfully evicted or subjected to unlivable conditions in your rental home. Contact us today for more information.

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