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Security Deposits

Top 3 Tips For Getting Your Security Deposit Back

Top 3 Tips For Getting Your Full San Francisco Security Deposit Back

When you become a renter, you almost always have to pay a security deposit to the landlord before you move in. This payment is used to cover unpaid rent, reasonable cleaning costs and costs for repairing any damage (beyond the "normal wear and tear") that you, your guests, or your pets made to the property. Although this seems straight forward, there are many instances where a renter doesn't get back... Read More

Dealing with Security Deposits


We all know the security deposit. You move into an apartment and you plop down a large chunk of change. Your landlord wants to ensure that they can hold you accountable for any damage you do to the property without having to chase you down for it. The problem is, some of the less honest landlords out there may make you chase them down to get your deposit back, or... Read More