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Rent Gouging


Rent control is a huge benefit for tenants. However, there are some master tenants who take advantage of the high cost of rent in the Bay Area by overcharging roommates. While some tenants may feel they have a right to charge a roommate whatever they want, the Rent Ordinance forbids master tenants from rent gouging. Here we offer a breakdown of the laws on this issue and some suggestions on... Read More

How to Add or Replace a Roommate Without Getting Evicted

In a city where the average one-bedroom apartment goes for $3400 a month, many San Franciscans have roommates to help pay the rent. But, what happens if your roommate moves out? Can you just replace a roommate without risk of eviction? What if you want to add an additional roommate but haven’t had one before? We address these questions and more in our latest blog post on San Francisco's Broke... Read More