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Notice Requirements

Eviction Notices

Common Eviction Notices Before a landlord can file an eviction lawsuit against a tenant they must first abide by the applicable notice requirements. The type and content of the eviction notice depends on the city/county in question. If the tenant does not vacate within the specified notice period a landlord can thereafter file an eviction / unlawful detainer lawsuit. The most common notices are: Three Day Notice to Cure /... Read More

What to do if you get served with an eviction notice

So you live in San Francisco and have been served with an eviction notice.  What does it mean? What do you do?  Don’t panic: an eviction notice doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out on the street. You’ve got options, but you’ll need to act quickly, play it safe, and think about getting some outside help early on. WHAT IT MEANS Providing you with an eviction notice is your landlord’s first step... Read More