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Dealing with a Mold Infestation in Your Apartment

Mold is often a sign that there’s a leak somewhere. Once water has seeped inside of walls, floors or ceilings, moist conditions help mold bloom and thrive there, hidden out of sight - or in sight for that matter. Mold infestations are serious. If you’ve experienced flooding or a leak in your roof, chances are there might be mold somewhere in your building. And that’s an issue you want to... Read More

Four Tips for Communicating with Your Landlord

Whether your landlord is the largest property manager in the Bay Area or an elderly lady who lives upstairs, you will inevitably need to communicate with them at some point over the course of your tenancy.  How you communicate with your landlord could have a big impact on your ability to assert your rights if issues arise. Hopefully you’ll only ever have to correspond over routine issues. But should you... Read More