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Ellis Act

San Francisco Increases Relocation Payments to Tenants Facing Ellis Act Evictions

To the chagrin of many tenants, relocation payments in no fault evictions have, for a long time, been little consolation for losing a rent controlled apartment unit in San Francisco.  As of June 1, 2014, the rules have changed - at least a little - for the better.  This month we examine the new law and what you can expect. Who is effected? The rule applies to all residential units covered by... Read More

The Ellis Act: What You Need to Know

Everyone in San Francisco seems to be talking about the Ellis Act these days. The rate of evictions continues to sky rocket and Ellis Act Evictions, in particular, have tripled in the past year.  People are protesting in the streets, at the State Capital, and law makers both local and on the State level are pushing for reform of the Ellis Act. So, what is the "Ellis Act" really? In this month's... Read More

Ellis Act in the News

Ellis Act eviction of elderly tenants from their 34 year tenancy featured on NBC Bay Area: Read More