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Tenant’s Rights and Buyout Agreements

If you’re a San Francisco tenant renting a below market rent-controlled unit, your landlord may approach you with a buyout agreement. A buyout is when a tenant agrees to leave their apartment in exchange from a payment from their landlord. In this agreement, a tenant typically gives up their right to sue their landlord for… Read more »

Tenant Buyouts in the Time of Covid

A tenant buyout is an agreement where a tenant agrees to vacate their unit in exchange for cash. Although rents have dropped significantly in San Francisco during the pandemic, landlords continue to approach tenants about buyouts. The impact of Covid-19 has drastically altered the rental landscape. Between the shelter in place orders in effect, the… Read more »

Four Things Every Tenant Should Know About San Francisco Buyout Agreements

Did you know that there are laws in San Francisco regulating tenant buyout agreements? The San Francisco Rent Board tracks buyouts as a result of a law passed on March 7, 2015.  Effective April 6, 2020, San Francisco has expanded its buyout rules. In this article, we break down the new changes and give you… Read more »