Rob R.

Rob R.



Rob R.

I wanted to give Daniel 4 stars before we won. I wanted more hand holding. And basically spend more of my money.

Despite the complexity of my case, he didn't need more time with me; he knew exactly what he was doing.

Daniel helped me prepare well. He reached out to find many details pertinent to my case. Things I would not have thought of.

He is competent, knows the law, and knows who you are up against.

During the hearing he just laid out the evidence - he and I meticulously collected. The judge looked at us. Looked at the opposing counsel. The opposing counsel, with their huge stack of papers and a private eye, stepped outside with my landlord. In 30 min they came back in and withdrew their petition.

Note our case was about a major rent increase based on the Costa Hawkings act. Beware of this and find counsel if your landlord decides to apply against you.

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