Oyunsanaa B.

Oyunsanaa B.



Oyunsanaa B.

I decided to reach out to Wolford Wayne LLP after hearing great reviews about them. I felt helpless and defeated for years against my landlord who owns multiple buildings and have a team of lawyers. Megan Johnson worked on my case and she was absolutely amazing during the almost 8 anxious months that my case took. My anxiety was over the roof, I was crazy paranoid but any questions that I had Megan was there to answer. We kept in touch through many e-mails and she was always there when I needed to talk to her over the phone. All my questions were answered which always helped with my anxiety. And the big relief was knowing that Megan was there filling out everything correctly and sending the correct documents and guiding me with what I needed. I am so thankful to Wolford Wayne LLP for taking my case and for Megan for being there through everything! And I won the case!

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