More than a decade of living in San Francisco on a teacher's salary had me feeling like I was lucky if I could find housing within my price range. So for years, I tolerated harassment, unsafe living conditions, and mediocre maintenance. When my health began to suffer at the beginning of shelter in place, I had no choice but to make some changes, but it felt emotionally, financially, and logistically overwhelming.

I met Daniel through the tenants union, and he gave me matter of fact, straightforward advice. Everything made sense, but it was out of my comfort zone and my landlord was not used to me standing up for my rights as a renter. Daniel walked me through step by step how to understand my lease, communicate clearly and effectively with my landlord, and only when necessary, helped me understand when it was the right choice to move.

In the middle of a pandemic, the last thing I wanted to do was move and file a lawsuit. They were hard but necessary choices for me on multiple levels. Daniel and Megan managed the situation and consulted with me expertly, precisely, and responsively. They answered my questions and addressed my concerns. Amidst the unusual circumstances of 2020, it was one part of my life that I felt sure about. Once we reached a settlement, I felt like the whole experience working together was not only a legal but also a therapeutic process. Thanks to Daniel and Megan, I do a much better job reading, interpreting, and communicating within the terms of my lease. Perhaps more importantly, I stand a little taller knowing that safe and habitable housing is my right as a renter.

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