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Krisztina E.



Krisztina E.

There are few things in life worse than getting a Notice to Quit from your landlord in today's housing market. I guarantee you will brush up on the law lingo fast..... Maybe tax fraud and getting caught and audited by the IRS? Now that's pretty bad......Or the death of a loved one?....Maybe divorce with lots of disagreement, properties, and kids between people who hate each other in their dysfunctional relationship and although divorce should be a savior it's nothing but a catalyst of hate?.....I don't know. But hey, in today's housing market, especially having a rent controlled apartment in the Mission for over six years, which was a pretty sweet deal as a broken grad student who was searching all over the city with no income only federal loans to show....I'd say I had a very nice nearly 1200 sq ft place......One's mind is really going all over the place to find the right help and expert housing representation before your landlord is filing for an unlawful detainer and all the legal jumbo-jumbo which you have no idea about.....So, although I must have called about 10 law offices, there were only three lawyers who called me back.......and eventually I chose Daniel to go with.....he was easy to talk to, called me back within a reasonable time, I'd say within a 48 hour window and the next thing I knew I was in his office......Although our situation was more difficult than your average person for many factors - for one a having a slum landlord owning up to nearly $80 million dollars worth of property in SF, who was represented by a huge corporate law firm and one of the worst management companies in SF (MAKRAS), we still walked away with nearly 5 months of rent free living, return of security deposit and all our rights to file our habitability lawsuit against the owner (who only fixed anything in the apartment after the city inspectors came out and penalized him with with over 30K).....

Although Daniel doesn't have two decades of experience behind him yet (hence doesn't charge you $350-400/hr!!!), he is willing to go the extra mile for you, he is super easy to talk to and communicates via email daily if needed, he will call you back within the same day and will do whatever it takes....he is kind with empathy (hard to find these days), he is funny and smart. He is succinct and will break down complexity to understandable and simple terms, line by line if needed. He is patient and down to earth. And most importantly knows the law. You will be in great hands. He will seek the advice from his seniors if ever in doubt and would never jeopardize your case. I know I made the right choice. I can only give my highest recommendation. You will be in great hands with great knowledge.

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