Erick R.

Erick R.



Erick R.

Daniel fought for my wife and me against one of the most infamous landlord attorneys in San Francisco. While this attorney was belligerent and bullying, Daniel kept his professionalism, always holding in mind the possibility that the case might have to go to trial and preparing for such an outcome by creating a history of professional interaction and reasonableness. Although the other attorney was disorganized and made countless errors, Daniel remained deliberate, thorough and thoughtful. Daniel was also very communicative and kept us informed at every turn. He was honest, modest and realistic; he let us know if he wasn't sure about some aspect of the law pertaining to the case and assured us he would be seeking expert consultation. In the end, we got a fair settlement at a very fair price. Daniel was sensitive to our financial situation and did not bill us for any unnecessary time. He was also extremely sensitive to our privacy and confidentiality; we felt protected. Finally, Daniel is very passionate about helping tenants in SF.

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