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David T.



David T.

Faced with a 60-day notice of a 70% rent increase (that's right - seven zero!) and knowing very little about tenancy laws in SF, Daniel came to the rescue. Prior to seeking out Daniel, we (my roommates and I) were bullied by the landlord's lawyer into accepting the rent increase. We didn't know what our rights were or if the rent increase was lawful in the first place. The SF Rent Board holds drop-in office hours, so we initially went there seeking advice. They looked at our documentation and made an initial assessment that the rent increase was potentially unlawful. However, we needed to file a petition, which would kick off an official hearing between the landlord and us. We could have represented ourselves without an attorney, but not having our own attorney was very risky - so we lawyered up and hired Daniel.

I can't stress how important it is to have attorney representation at a rent board hearing - and Daniel was extraordinary. Daniel was extremely experienced, de-mystifying the entire experience and explaining everything in a clear and concise manner over email and in person. He prepped us by having a mock session where he simulated questions from the landlord's attorney. Working with Daniel was seamless. If I had follow-up questions, I didn't hesitate to email or call him. His fee schedule was transparent and the initial estimate was in line with what we actually paid in the end.

During the hearing, he professionally and enthusiastically represented our position. Daniel is very passionate about his work, which was evident throughout the entire process. The panel eventually decided that the rent increase was unlawful. WE WON! We could have kept the rent as is, but we wanted improvements and upgrades to the apartment. With Daniel's help negotiating, we got new appliances, fixtures, and a gate - all for a slight increase in rent, but on our terms. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome and our experience with Daniel.

Thanks Daniel for helping us out tremendously!

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