San Francisco Tenant Lawyers

We take pride in providing excellent service to our clients. We go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care of.  Many of our clients have never had to hire a lawyer before. Working with a lawyer doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. Tenants rights isn’t just what we do, it’s our passion. But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our clients have to say about us in the below testimonials: ​

Lisa G.

San Francisco, CA September 2, 2017

Daniel was extremely helpful. He was very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions. I inquired about a rental issue I was having and he answered all of my questions without asking for payment or asking me to be a client. He was just open to helping me with my situation. I felt way more relaxed about my situation after speaking with him. Having a tense living situation can be quite distressing so having a calm expert to speak with and guide me through the process and outline the next steps was exactly what I needed. I will definitely work with him should my issue escalate. I highly recommend contacting Daniel Wayne to help resolve your tenant issues.


Eric S.

San Francisco, CA August 10, 2017

This is my second time working with and reviewing Daniel and he has been a tremendous help dealing with a difficult landlord for over 3 years. My first experience was to fight an illegal rent increase via the Rent Board and he not only helped me win that case (and the subsequent appeal) but he kept me calm through the ordeal. That was just the beginning. I ended up getting involved in a much more complicated matter and he again helped me through the whole situation and kept me informed and at ease throughout the 2 year ordeal.

He's a great advocate for tenant's rights and is very good at what he does. I absolutely would recommend Daniel to anyone needing legal help in the Bay Area dealing with tenant's issues.

Ariel B.

San Francisco, CA July 9, 2017

I cannot recommend Daniel Wayne highly enough. We are expecting our first child this fall and recently discovered unsafe lead dust levels around our apartment through the San Francisco Lead Prevention Program. After the city contacted our landlord to remedy the unsafe living situation, we were threatened repeatedly by our landlord. When contacted, Daniel was quick to respond, provided us with clear guidance on our legal rights, and helped us with the appropriate next steps. He was highly knowledgeable about landlord tenant law and empathetic to our stressful situation. We are now in a much better place - thanks to Daniel's help - and just knowing that we can contact Daniel if any additional problems arise for my family really puts my mind at ease.


Cindy C.

Berkeley, CA July 5, 2017

Daniel came highly recommended from a friend who had been wrongfully evicted from their apartment. I was having problems with a negligent landlord who just refused to make any kind of repairs to our unit...he would also try to change-up the terms of our lease and do all sorts of other shady stuff all the time. Daniel listened intently as we explained our situation and asked us lots of questions...he walked us through our options and even made us aware of certain rights we had no idea we had! After we came up with a course of action together, he went to work immediately, and ended up negotiating a VERY nice settlement for us, that allowed us to get away from our sketchy landlord! :-)

Daniel is an excellent, and highly knowledgable tenant attorney and I would recommend him to anyone that's having issues with their landlord. He was punctual, professional, and polite every step of the way. He's a nice guy too, and I got the sense that he really cares about the people he helps. I hope he see's this, even though I already told him how much his help has meant to me.

Thanks Daniel!


Adam J.

San Francisco, CA May 15, 2017

Daniel helped my wife and I negotiate a favorable buyout from a rental where we had rent control. He knew the laws like the back of his hand and advised us of our options accordingly. He was easy to get a hold of both via email or phone if any questions came up.

Daniel was truly looking out for our best interest and we would highly recommend him to any tenants who are dealing with issues with their living situation.


Michael V.

San Francisco, CA May 8, 2017

Daniel helped me fight my landlord over the eviction. Daniel guided through the complicated process explaining my options and advising on strategy and tactics. He is very approachable, knowledgeable and straight forward -- all the quality you want in your lawyer. Thanks to his advise I ended up winning the case (actually landlord dropped the case). I would definitely recommend Daniel to anyone having legal disputes with landlord.

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