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Wrongful Eviction Lawyers San Francisco

Wrongful Eviction Lawyers San Francisco

Wrongful Eviction Lawyers San Francisco

San Francisco has laws regulating evictions, but that doesn’t stop landlords from sometimes evicting tenants illegally. You may be entitled to financial compensation if you are illegally evicted from your home.

The tenant’s rights attorneys at Wolford Wayne have the experience needed to hold landlords accountable for wrongful evictions. We help tenants in Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley whose rights have been violated by their landlords. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.

When Can Landlords Evict a Tenant in San Francisco?

San Francisco’s Rent Ordinance makes it illegal for landlords to evict a tenant from a covered unit without a just cause. These causes include: 

  • Not paying rent
  • Maintaining, committing, or permitting nuisances on the property 
  • Criminal activity in the unit
  • Owner Move-in
  • Materially breaching a lease term

What is a Wrongful Eviction in San Francisco

To evict a tenant a landlord must go through a legal process, starting with serving a written notice. From there, if the tenant does not move out, the landlord must file an eviction lawsuit. Unfortunately, not every landlord knows or follows the laws, and sometimes force tenants to move out without a right to do so. This is what is known as a wrongful eviction. Some common examples of a wrongful eviction include:

  • Locking a tenant out of their home;
  • Failing to allow a tenant to return after a temporary eviction  for repairs;
  • Evicting a tenant under an owner move-in but then re-renting the unit to a new tenant or failing to actually move in;
  • Telling a tenant they need to move out so they can sell the home.

For tenants living in units covered by the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, these actions are all against the law. If your landlord has forced you to leave your home without a just cause or is trying to get you to move out it is time to talk to a qualified tenant’s rights attorney about your options. In San Francisco, there are laws that protect tenants who have been wrongfully evicted and a lawyer can help you hold your landlord accountable for losing your home.

Talk to a San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Attorney Now

San Francisco tenants that have been wrongfully evicted may be able to sue their former landlord for substantial monetary damages.  A knowledgeable tenant’s rights attorney can help you determine if a wrongful eviction lawsuit is appropriate in your case and represent you throughout the legal process.

If you believe you were wrongfully evicted, speak to a San Francisco wrongful eviction attorney from Wolford Wayne today. We understand what it takes to hold landlords accountable for wrongful evictions. We can help you seek compensation and the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today for more information.

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