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San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Attorneys

San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Attorneys

San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Attorneys

The San Francisco Rent Ordinance outlines the conditions under which a landlord may legally evict a tenant from a covered unit. While the law is designed to protect the rights of tenants, it does not stop some landlords in San Francisco from illegally evicting tenants without just cause. However, tenants who have been wrongfully evicted may have grounds to sue their former landlord for substantial damages. The San Francisco wrongful eviction attorneys at Wolford Wayne represent tenants in wrongful eviction lawsuits against landlords. Our goal is to ensure tenants receive proper compensation after being removed from their homes unlawfully. We only get paid when our clients do. We do not charge wrongful eviction tenants an upfront fee, meaning that tenants can seek justice, regardless of their financial situation.

Wolford Wayne LLP offers experienced and reliable legal guidance to tenants who have been wrongfully evicted. Our law firm only represents tenants, never landlords, and we have the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue the compensation you deserve. Our firm has extensive experience successfully representing tenants in wrongful eviction and constructive eviction cases.

What Qualifies as a Wrongful Eviction in San Francisco?

There is a clearly defined legal process for evicting a tenant in San Francisco. This process begins with the landlord alleging a “just cause” for eviction, as described by the Rent Ordinance, and giving the tenant notice.

After the notice period has ended, the landlord can start a formal eviction process in San Francisco Superior Court assuming the tenant has not cured the violation or moved out. However, even with sufficient evidence of a just cause for eviction, a landlord who fails to follow the required eviction process may be committing a wrongful eviction.

Wolford Wayne LLP Can File a Wrongful Eviction Lawsuit for You

There are strong legal protections for tenants living in rent-controlled residential units in San Francisco. A landlord must go through the courts to lawfully evict a tenant. During this process, the landlord will need to prove that one or more just cause factors have been met, such as:

  • You failed to pay rent, caused a nuisance on the premises, or engaged in illegal, destructive, or unsafe activities that warranted eviction
  • You failed to remedy the problem even after the landlord gave you sufficient notice to do so
  • The court has sufficient evidence that legal reason exists to approve your eviction

If a landlord has not followed the established legal guidelines for a lawful eviction and you believe you were removed from your residence unlawfully, Wolford Wayne LLP can help you take legal action against your landlord. You will be informed and involved throughout the process, and our experienced San Francisco wrongful eviction attorneys will advise on the most appropriate course of action for your specific situation. 

We Help Tenants Recover Compensation for Damages Caused by a Wrongful Eviction

We understand the significant impact that a wrongful eviction can have on your life. As part of a lawsuit for wrongful eviction, the attorneys at Wolford Wayne LLP can help you seek compensation for your damages, which may include:

  • Loss of use damages for losing your rent controlled home (measured by the difference between the rent you were paying at move out and market rate for the unit, for however long you would have stayed)
  • Emotional distress and other forms of pain and suffering
  • Moving expenses and out of pocket costs
  • Legal expenses and costs
  • Overpayment of rent for poor living conditions

Our firm has represented hundreds of San Francisco tenants in wrongful eviction cases. We understand how to properly identify and quantify the damages that you are most likely to recover and can help you develop an effective plan for pursuing justice. Being removed from your home unlawfully is stressful and overwhelming, which is why our team works diligently and efficiently to help you regain the peace of mind that you deserve as a law-abiding tenant.

Contact a San Francisco Wrongful Eviction Attorney Today To Discuss Your Case

The legal landscape regarding evictions is constantly evolving. The attorneys at Wolford Wayne LLP are well-versed in all applicable laws protecting tenants, and if you have been wrongfully evicted, we are prepared to help fight for your rights as a San Francisco tenant.

Contact us to provide the details of your wrongful eviction case and learn more about retaining our services. Following a wrongful eviction, it is important to act quickly. Reach out to Wolford Wayne LLP for legal guidance you can rely on today.

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