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San Francisco Tenants Rights Attorney

San Francisco Tenants Rights Attorney

San Francisco Tenant’s Rights Attorneys

Each year hundreds of San Francisco landlords violate the San Francisco Rent Ordinance with many leading to tenants being wrongfully evicted. Landlord-tenant laws in San Francisco can be complicated. Many tenants do not know the extent of their rights and their landlord’s obligations.  

In San Francisco, landlords have a duty to provide tenants with a safe, inhabitable place to live, are limited on how and when they can increase tenants rents, and when – and how – they can forces tenant to move out.

Unfortunately, despite the many protections provided to tenants by the San Francisco Rent Ordinance we still see countless situations where landlords force tenants out of their homes unlawfully (known as a “wrongful eviction”).

If you believe that your tenant’s rights have been violated it is time to discuss your situation with an experienced and aggressive San Francisco tenant’s rights attorney. 

At Wolford Wayne, we are dedicated to helping tenants seek justice for wrongful evictions. We have seen countless tenants who have been mistreated by their landlords. We help our clients create a legal plan and pursue the compensation and justice they deserve. 

Why Hire a Tenant’s Rights Lawyer?

While there are many law firms claiming they represent tenants, many have limited or no experience doing it. Just like you wouldn’t want to go to a Pizzeria for Sushi, you don’t want to hire a personal injury or real estate attorney to handle your wrongful eviction lawsuit. You want a specialist. At Wolford Wayne all we do is represent residential tenants. Hiring a lawyer dedicated to fighting for tenant’s rights means hiring an expert. We know how to apply the facts to the law, we know the landlords, and we know their attorneys. This experience and commitment to tenants has helped us in becoming the premier firm for tenant representation in San Francisco.

When Should a Tenant Contact a San Francisco Tenant’s Rights Attorney?

We know it can be difficult to determine when to handle a landlord-tenant problem alone and when it is time to contact a tenant’s rights attorney. While many problems can be resolved without the need for involving a lawyer, here are some of the common situations where it may make sense to see about hiring a tenant’s rights attorney. 

1. Your Landlord is Refusing to Make Necessary Repairs

If you are dealing with poor living conditions that your landlord is refusing to address, it is time to talk to a lawyer about your options. Common issues that we see include ongoing and severe water leaks, mold growth, lack of heat or hot water, bedbug infestations, and rodent/pest infestations. Assuming that you have put your landlord on notice of the issue – in writing – your landlord has a duty to fix the problem in a timely manner. If you’ve been dealing with substandard living conditions for an extended period of time and your landlord is ignoring the issue, you may have grounds for legal action.

2. Your Landlord is Harassing You

In San Francisco it is unlawful for a landlord to harass a tenant. Common forms of harassment include: attempting to force a tenant to move through fraud or intimidation; interrupting or failing to provide basic housing services such as heat, hot water, electricity; entering a tenant’s home without proper notice or a valid reason; refusing to accept rent or cash rent checks; threatening a tenant with words or gesture. There can be serious legal consequences for a landlord violating the law related to harassment. It is critical that you speak with an attorney to ensure you have proper evidence of the harassment and understand your options for taking legal action.

3. You Are Wrongfully Evicted By Your Landlord

In San Francisco landlords are obligated to follow strict guidelines in order to evict a tenant. This includes having a “just cause” for eviction as provided by the Rent Ordinance, providing proper written notice, and then filing and prevailing on an eviction lawsuit before a tenant can be forced to move out.

If your landlord has taken matters into their own hands by forcing you to move out without a just cause, or by locking you out, they may be liable for a lawsuit for a wrongful eviction. Other common types of wrongful eviction include evictions for owner move-in where the landlord never moves in, or temporary evictions where a landlord never lets a tenant return.

If you suspect that your landlord is trying to force you out illegally, or that you have been wrongfully evicted then it is time to talk about your options with a tenant’s rights attorney straight away to protect your interests.

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If you’re a tenant who believes their rights have been violated speak with our team of qualified San Francisco tenant’s rights attorney today to discuss your options. We’re here to help. 

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