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Oakland Tenant Lawyers

Oakland Tenant Lawyers

Oakland Tenant Lawyers

California state laws as well as local ordinances throughout the state have combined to create some of the most comprehensive, and most complex, tenant policies in the U.S. These laws include many protections against improper landlord conduct, but nevertheless landlords continue to violate the law and engage in unlawful behavior against tenants. 

Unlawful conduct can vary widely, and tenants should always stand up for their rights. Doing so can be complicated, but experienced Oakland tenant lawyers can protect you and hold your landlord accountable. If you are a rent controlled tenant living in Oakland and believe your landlord overstepped their bounds, reach out to Wolford Wayne LLP to determine your options. 

Oakland Tenant Issues We Address

Our office routinely represents Oakland tenants in a variety of legal disputes. Some of the most common tenant’s rights issues we assist tenants with are: 

  • Suing Landlords for Violations of the local Oakland tenant ordinances – We help Oakland tenants protected by the Rent Adjustment Program (RAP) to fight back against unlawful rent increases, and hold landlords accountable for behaviors prohibited by the city’s Tenant Protection Ordinance, including tenant harassment and failing to provide a habitable place to live. Our firm only represents tenants in the Bay Area. This focus means we have a deep understanding of the regulations and courts, including Oakland’s specific housing ordinances.
  • Wrongful Evictions – If your landlord forces you to move out without just cause, or if their conduct such as harassment or failure to maintain the property causes you to vacate you may be able to receive compensation for the damages you suffer as a result of these actions.
  • Fraudulent Owner Move-In Evictions – In certain circumstances, Oakland landlords are allowed to evict a tenant in order to move themselves or a close relative into the unit. However, if the landlord never moves in, or re-rents your home to a new tenant, then you may have grounds for a lawsuit for wrongful eviction. If you suspect that you are the victim of a bogus owner move-in request, our firm may be able to help.
  • Tenant Buyouts – We help Oakland tenants negotiate buyouts of their rent controlled homes. If your landlord has recently approached you about a buyout, contact us to discuss strategy and whether a buyout makes sense for you or not.

You might not expect to experience any of these issues, but the reality is that even the most well intended landlords can violate their tenants’ rights. Whether or not the violation was intentional does not change your right to legal relief. Knowing where to begin can be difficult, we have answers. Contact the tenant’s rights attorneys at Wolford Wayne for a consultation to start standing up for your rights under the law. 

Successful Results for Oakland Tenants

Our firm has represented hundreds of Bay Area tenants. We often negotiate successful settlements with landlords without the need for trial. However, should a case proceed to court, our legal team includes experienced litigators who will not hesitate to face off against landlords in front of a judge. We take on individual landlords, midsize management companies, and corporate landlords for the benefit of our clients. We never represent landlords.

Learn More About Your Rights from Oakland Tenant Lawyers Today

When you are concerned about your rights as a tenant in Oakland, you should never wait to seek a consultation with the legal team of Wolford Wayne LLP. We can assess your situation and advise you of the best legal options. Please contact us for more information today.

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