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Constructive Eviction Lawyer Near Me

Constructive Eviction Lawyer Near Me

Constructive Eviction Lawyer Near Me

According to California law, all tenants have the right to have a safe and livable home when they choose to rent or lease from a landlord. Unfortunately, many landlords fail to do their duty and neglect to fix serious problems.

In these situations, tenants might need to move out. This is referred to as constructive eviction. This involves uprooting your life and, potentially, losing a rent-controlled home in the Bay Area. 

If you have been forced to go through with a constructive eviction, you should consult with a constructive eviction attorney at the law office of Wolford Wayne. A lawyer can assess your options and help you navigate the complex legal elements of a constructive eviction lawsuit.

What Is A Constructive Eviction?

A constructive eviction is a legal term for the situation when a tenant is forced to leave their home because of the inhabitability of the property. In some cases, a landlord fails to repair major problems with the property. Other times, a landlord of a rent-controlled property might cause problems to get the tenants to leave.

Numerous situations could cause a constructive eviction, such as:

  • A landlord fails to fix broken doors, locks, and windows that pose a health or security risk to a tenant and their family.
  • A landlord foregoing fixing serious electrical or plumbing issues.
  • A landlord refuses to address and correct hazardous conditions like pest infestations (rats, mice, termites) or mold and mildew.
  • A landlord failing to maintain heating systems.
  • A landlord failing to address nuisances by other tenants.

It’s important to note that not every problem will permit a constructive eviction. Essentially, the conditions that cause a tenant to enact a constructive eviction must be severe enough to make a tenant’s home life unsafe, substandard, or hazardous.

If you face such conditions in your home, you should discuss your situation with our legal team before you move, if possible. If you have already moved, consult with us immediately.

Constructive Eviction Lawsuits

Tenants who have to vacate their homes due to inhabitability can file a lawsuit against their landlords for wrongful eviction. As part of this case, you can seek various damages, including the costs of moving and rent differential damages. You can also seek compensation for mental anguish from the situation and exemplary or punitive damages. 

Our attorneys can assess the damages available and file the proper lawsuit in court. We work to hold landlords in the Bay Area fully accountable for constructive eviction.

Get In Touch With A Constructive Eviction Lawyer Near You

Constructive evictions can be complicated situations to navigate, and you should know your legal rights as a tenant. That’s why it’s best to consult a constructive eviction lawyer near you.

The lawyers at Wolford Wayne are ready to help you file a lawsuit against your landlord if they have caused a constructive eviction. To speak with us about your legal needs, you can contact us here.

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