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Berkeley Wrongful Eviction Lawyers

Berkeley Wrongful Eviction Lawyers

Berkeley Wrongful Eviction Lawyers

It is illegal for a landlord to terminate a tenant’s tenancy without a “just cause” for eviction and following the legal process. If your landlord has forced you to vacate without following the law you may have a basis to sue them for wrongful eviction

Tenants who have been wrongfully evicted may be entitled to substantial financial compensation, including damages for: loss of your rent-controlled unit; overpayment of rent; emotional distress damages; moving expenses; and attorney’s fees.

If you believe you’ve been wrongfully evicted, consider speaking with one of our qualified Berkeley wrongful eviction lawyers. The lawyers at Wolford Wayne have the experience you need to help you obtain justice for your wrongful eviction.

What Is a Wrongful Eviction?

A wrongful eviction occurs when a landlord terminates a tenant’s tenancy without a “just cause.” This can show up in several different ways, including:

  • Self-help evictions: A self-help eviction occurs when a landlord forces a tenant to permanently move out without following the proper legal process. Usually, this situation will involve a landlord informing a tenant they have to move out when they do not have a basis to evict them, or in extreme situations, when a landlord locks a tenant out of their home. 
  • Fraudulent Owner Move-in Evictions: Owner and relative move-in evictions are one of the “just causes” allowed under the Berkeley Rent Ordinance. However, for the eviction to be legitimate, the owner has to actually move into the unit and live there as their primary place of residence. In some circumstances landlords will allege an owner move-in eviction and then never move in, and even re-rent to a new tenant. If you’ve been forced out due to an owner or relative move-in eviction, we strongly recommend keeping tabs on the unit to be sure your landlord follows through. If they do not, you may be entitled to bring a lawsuit and recover substantial monetary damages.
  • Temporary Evictions Turned Permanent: Under the law an owner can temporarily evict a tenant in certain situations in order to make necessary repairs. If the landlord fails to let a tenant return, that constitutes a wrongful eviction. Sometimes we see landlords use these evictions as a pretext to get a tenant to move out, with the intention of demolishing the unit once the tenant has moved. Once again, this is illegal and grounds for legal action.

Have You Been Wrongfully Evicted?

If you have been the victim of a wrongful eviction you may be able to sue your landlord for substantial financial damages.  Be advised that there are limitations on when you can bring a lawsuit (known as a statute of limitations) so it is important that you speak with a Berkeley wrongful eviction attorney as soon as you suspect that you may have been illegally forced out of your home.

At Wolford Wayne, we believe strongly in helping tenants stand up to bad landlords. With rents being among the highest in the country, for many of our clients, being forced to vacate means being forced to leave the Bay Area altogether. Our goal is to hold landlords accountable and discourage them from breaking the law so that tenants can live in peace. To discuss your options and see how we can help with your wrongful eviction case, speak with us today.

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