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Changes in Oakland Rent Ordinance for 2018

Changes in Oakland Rent Ordinance for 2018

Changes in Oakland Rent Ordinance for 2018


Changes in Oakland Rent Ordinance for 2018

The City of Oakland has been active of late in updating their laws for tenants. Here is a brief rundown on some of the changes to keep you in the loop

  1. Uniform Relocation Ordinance

In January of this year (2018) Oakland passed the Uniform Relocation Ordinance, which provides for mandatory relocation payments to displaced tenants facing Ellis Act, Owner Move-In Evictions, and condo conversions. Except for temporary code compliance displacements, which requires the payment of actual temporary housing expenses, the payment amount is based  on the size of the unit and shall be adjusted each year on July 1 for inflation. The base payment amounts until June 30, 2018 are:

Date of Service of Notice of Termination of Tenancy Studios & One Bedrooms Two Bedroom Units Three + Bedroom Units Unit with low income, elderly or disabled tenants and/or minors
January 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018 $6,649.50







2. Tenant Buy Outs: Tenant Move Out Agreement Ordinance (TMOO)

Effective May 1, 2018, Oakland has implemented a buyout ordinance similar to that already in existence in San Francisco. This new law is designed to ensure tenants are informed of their options regarding any potential buyout of their tenancy before they enter into any discussions with their landlord.

A landlord who wants to negotiate a tenant buyout must:

  1. Provide the tenant with a "Disclosure Notice" designed by the Oakland Rent Program before engaging them in negotiations.
  2.  File the executed Buy Out Agreement with the Rent Adjustment Program within 45 days of the tenant and landlord signing it (assuming a deal is reached).
  3. File a Pre-Move Out Disclosure Certification Form with the Rent Adjustment Program prior to entering into Buy-Out discussions with a tenant.

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