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Five Take Aways From the New San Francisco Owner Move-In Laws 

In August of last year the San Francisco Rent Ordinance was amended to further restrict the laws regulating a landlord's right to owner move-in evictions. Some of these changes came into effect in August 2017, while others did not take effect until January. Below is a brief rundown of the changes to owner move-in laws that you need to know about. 1. Extends statute of limitations for bogus owner move-in eviction... Read More

What Tenants Need to Know When a Landlord is Selling their Building (Part Two)

When a landlord is selling the building you live in or has sold it to a new owner already, it creates a great deal of uncertainty, and tenants’ stress is understandable.  This month, we continue our discussion of a tenant's rights when a landlord has sold or is selling the building No Fault Evictions As we discussed last month, your landlord can't evict you just because they are selling or have... Read More

Bogus Owner Move-In Evictions: City Passes Reform to Curb Wrongful Evictions

If your landlord enacts an Owner Move In Eviction and then never moves in? This is known as a bogus owner move in eviction. Tenants who have been forced to move out have grounds to sue for wrongful eviction. Recent studies show that this law has been frequently abused by owners as a means to evict low-rent-paying tenants. Owner Move-in evictions, or “OMIs,” allow property owners to recover possession of a tenant-occupied... Read More