Category: Eviction Control

Eviction Moratorium during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With COVID-19 ravaging the world, there is an eviction moratorium in many counties the Bay Area. Here we breakdown the current state of the law on evictions and the options for tenants facing financial hardship during the pandemic. SAN FRANCISCO Eviction Moratorium for Non-Payment of Rent  In March San Francisco issued an order placing a… Read more »

Statewide Rent Control Explained

In response to growing concern for affordable housing, California lawmakers passed new state-wide protections for tenants in 2019. The new law gives tenants in certain buildings both rent and eviction control. The new law, known as the “Tenant Protection Act” or AB 1482, puts a state-wide limit on rent increases and also gives tenants eviction… Read more »

Five Take Aways From the New San Francisco Owner Move-In Laws 

In August of last year the San Francisco Rent Ordinance was amended to further restrict the laws regulating a landlord’s right to owner move-in evictions. Some of these changes came into effect in August 2017, while others did not take effect until January. Below is a brief rundown of the changes to owner move-in laws that… Read more »

Choosing a New Apartment

The monthly rent, the length of your commute, the relative decrepitude of your washer and dryer — all these factors are important when you’re choosing a new apartment. But in San Francisco there are other considerations that can seriously affect your future as a tenant. Even if you think you’ve found your “forever” rental, consider… Read more »