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What Tenants Need to Know When a Landlord is Selling their Building (Part Two)


When a landlord is selling the building you live in or has sold it to a new owner already, it creates a great deal of uncertainty, and tenants’ stress is understandable.  This month, we continue our discussion of a tenant's rights when a landlord has sold or is selling the building No Fault Evictions As we discussed last month, your landlord can't evict you just because they are selling or have... Read More

Four Common Questions When Your Landlord is Selling Your Building (Part 1)

When a landlord sells a tenant occupied building it can have real consequences for the people that live there. But what are those consequences and what rights do tenants have when their landlord is selling the building? This month, we address four common questions that arise when tenants learn their landlord is selling or has recently sold their building. In order to provide a thorough overview, we’ll be devoting two articles to... Read More

Demystifying Prop F

At this late point in the election cycle you’ve probably heard most of the rhetoric about Proposition F from proponents and opponents alike. The opponents of Prop F have spent $8 million dollars trying to convince you to vote no. The other side has far less money (around $250k) raised mostly by housing activists and the hotel labor union.  So the ‘No on F’ campaign is pasted all over the city and internet.... Read More