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Protecting Your Rent Controlled Apartment: 3 tips to consider before someone moves in.

PROTECTING YOUR RENT CONTROLLED APARTMENT With rents in San Francisco among the highest in the country, rent controlled units have become a particularly precious commodity. As a result, landlords are finding new and creative ways to evict long term tenants as a means to collect higher rents. One of the ways landlords are attacking tenants is by bringing evictions based on breach of contract, or breach of the lease terms. To protect your tenancy, I encourage anyone with...

Ellis Act in the News

Ellis Act eviction of elderly tenants from their 34 year tenancy featured on NBC Bay Area: http://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/local/Elderly-Couple-Out-of-Housing-Options-if-Evicted-Out-of-SF-Apartment-225140562.html

Landlords From Hell Face Prison Time

The auspiciously dubbed "landlords from hell" Kip and Nicole Macy are facing prison time for acts that include pouring ammonia on their tenants belongings, cutting support beams under the floors of tenants who successfully fought eviction and generally being terrible stewards of their buildings. The couple initial jumped bail prior to trial back in 2010 and fled the country and are only now finally facing the consequences of their outlandish actions. Do you have a "landlord from hell...